South Africa Postal Code (Zip Code List)

South Africa (SA) Postal Code is a four digits number ranging between 0001 to 9999. The postal code was used by SA Post as Post service in South Africa to help determine the correct location of a given address in South Africa. Postal code in South Africa can as well be referred to as Zip Code. It is made up of four digits, not six or five digits like in the one in Nigeria or the United States.

Name South Africa
Postcode 0001 – 9999
Area Code +27
Capital Pretoria (Executive)
Region Africa

For more details on the list of Postcodes or ZIP codes in South Africa, find the code along with the Provinces.

Postal Code of South Africa (SA)

Province ZIP Code Area Code Capital
Eastern Cape 4731 – 5999 +27 Manila
Free State 8300 – 9999 +27 Bangued
Gauteng 0299 – 2199 +27 Cabadbaran
Kwazulu-Natal 2900 – 4730 +27 Prosperidad
Limpopo 0500 – 0999 +27 Kalibo
Mpumalanga 1000 – 2499 +27 Legazpi
North West 0300 – 0499 +27 San Jose de Buenavista
Northern Cape 8100 – 8999 +27 Kabugao
Western Cape 6500 – 8099 +27 Baler

Complete Zip Code for South Africa (Look-up)

Northern Region (Gauteng, Mpumalanga, most of North West, Limpopo)

Area/District Postcode Range
Gauteng—Pretoria/Tshwane 0001–0299
North West—northern part 0300–0499
Limpopo—south and west 0500–0698
Limpopo—north and east 0699–0999
Mpumalanga—Northern half 1000–1399
Gauteng—East Rand / Ekurhuleni Metro 1400–1699
Gauteng—West Rand, Mogale City/Krugersdorp, Roodepoort (now part of Johannesburg) 1700–1799
Gauteng—Soweto and Vereeniging/Vanderbijlpark Region (Motsweding) 1800–1999
Gauteng—Johannesburg (original Johannesburg, Randburg, Sandton) 2000–2199
Mpumalanga—southern half 2200–2499
Northwest Province—southern and central 2500–2899

Eastern Region (KwaZulu Natal, eastern part of Eastern Cape)

Area/District Postcode Range
KwaZulu Natal—Northern KwaZulu Natal 2900–3199
KwaZulu Natal—Pietermaritzburg and surrounds 3200–3299
KwaZulu Natal—Midlands 3300–3599
KwaZulu Natal—Region between Durban and Pietermaritzburg, including satellite towns, such as Westville. 3600–3799
KwaZulu Natal—Zululand Region (including Richards Bay) 3800–3999
KwaZulu Natal—Durban / Ethekwini (original area) 4000–4099
KwaZulu Natal—South Coast 4100–4299
KwaZulu Natal—North Coast 4300–4499
KwaZulu Natal—Griqualand East and Umzinkulu 4500–4730

Southern Region (Eastern Cape, eastern parts of Western Cape)

Area/District Postcode Range
Eastern Cape—Former Transkei 4731–5199
Eastern Cape—East London 5200–5299
Eastern Cape—historical “Border” region 5300–5499
Eastern Cape—Northern part 5500–5999

Western Region (Western Cape (Cape Town and West Coast), Northern Cape)

Area/District Postcode Range
Eastern Cape—Port Elizabeth 6000–6099
Eastern Cape—Western part 6100–6499
Western Cape—Garden Route and Oudtshoorn area 6500–6699
Western Cape—Klein Karoo 6700–6899
Western Cape—Groot Karoo 6900–7099
Western Cape—Area South-East of Cape Town 7100–7299
Western Cape—West Coast 7300–7399
Western Cape—Northern parts of Cape Metropole 7400–7599
Western Cape—Areas East of Cape Town, such as Stellenbosch 7600–7699
Western Cape—Cape Town and Cape Peninsula 7700–8099
Northern Cape—Namaqualand Region 8100–8299

Central Region (Northern Cape and Free State)

Area/District Postcode Range
Northern Cape—Eastern Part 8300–8799
Northern Cape—Gordonia Region 8800–8999
formerly assigned to South West Africa—see below 9000–9299
Free State—Bloemfontein and surrounds 9300–9399
Free State—Northern Free State 9400–9699
Free State—Eastern Free State 9700–9899
Free State—Southern Free State 9900–9999

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Postal/Zip Code?

A Postal/Zip code (used locally in many English-speaking countries) is a series of letters or numbers or both, sometimes including spaces or punctuation, included in a postal address for mail sorting purposes. ZIP Code is a postal code used by the postal code service in America, namely the United States Postal Service (USPS).

What is ZIP Code for South Africa?

South Africa (SA) is a series of 4 numeric figures ranging from 0001 to 9999. However, zip codes are usually referred to as Postal Code in South Africa while zip code is mostly used in United States.

How Many Numbers is South Africa Postal Code?

The South African Postcode is a numeric code consisting of a 4 digit number. The lowest Postal code in SA is 0001 and highest 9999 (Free State).

Is +27 South Africa Postal code?

+27 is not a correct Postal code in South Africa however, +27 is an international dialing code for a South Africa phone numbers.

Is 23401 The ZIP code for South Africa?

23401 is not a valid ZIP code for South Africa. We shared above a comprehensive list of correct postal codes of all major cities in South Africa above. Ensure to check it out.

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