Zambia Postal Code (Zip Code List)


Zambia (ZMB) Postal Code is the range from 10101 to 10101. The postal code was used by ZMB is generic and certainly unapproved as the country is not currently using zip/postal code zoning to specify map locations for a specific addresses. There have been proposals to develop a five-digit postal code system in Zambia, but according to the Universal Postal Union, none have been assigned yet.

As a means of bypassing zip or postal code verification on major sites as a Zambian resident, we will guide you on all 10 provinces in Zambia as well as postal code choices you can input when required to fill an online form which requires you to input your 5 digits zip codes.

Name Zambia
Postal/Zip Code 10101
Area Code +260
Capital Lusaka
Region Africa

For more details on the list of Postcodes or ZIP codes in Zambia, find the code along with the Provinces.

Zambia Postal/Zip Codes for All Province

Province ZIP Code Area Code Capital Districts
Central 10101 +260 Kabwe 11
Copperbelt 10101 +260 Ndola 10
Eastern 10101 +260 Chipata 15
Luapula 10101 +260 Mansa 12
Lusaka 10101 +260 Lusaka 6
Muchinga 10101 +260 Chinsali[5] 8
North-Western 10101 +260 Solwezi 11
Northern 10101 +260 Kasama 12
Southern 10101 +260 Choma 15
Western 10101 +260 Mongu 16

5 Digits Zambia Postal Code/Zip Codes: 10101

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