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Welcome to Naira Postal Code. On this page, you shall discover Ayamelum Postal Code | Ayamelum LGA Postal/Zip Code in Anambra State.

Are you searching for the correct zip code for Ayamelum LGA of Anambra State? You are just on the right page as we will be talking about the correct Ayamelum LGA postal code. This will sure assist you in discovering the postal code for all regions in Ayamelum LGA local government area of the state.

Ayamelum LGA LGA is one of the 17 available local government areas situated in Anambra State Nigeria.

On this page, you will discover the correct postal code for Ayamelum LGA as promised. For easy discovery, we sort all postal code in this region alphabetically.

You can view below for the table containing all regions and their zip codes in Ayamelum LGA LGA.


Areas in Anaku use the same postcode

Location Postcode  
Umuria 433109
Ikenga 433109
Umueragu 433109

Ifite Ogwari

Locations within Ifite Ogwari make use of the same:

Location Postcode
Amadie 433113
Amah 433113
Aniocha 433113
Isiudala 433113
Umuawa 433113


Streets within Igbakwu use the same:

Location Postcode
Amagu 433112
Irator 433112
Isiachelle 433112
Isiokwe 433112


Areas located in Omasi use the same:

Location Postcode
Obunofia 433114
Ugbuno 433114
Umuata 433114


Areas in Omor use the same:

Location Postcode
Amaikwo 433109
Aturia 433109


Locations in Umeji use one:

City Postcode
Umuoke 433115


Areas in Umerum use one postal code:

Location Postcode
Ayigo 433108
Ukpobaka 433108
Umuali 433108
Umuelem 433108
Umuerike 433108
Umuodu 433108


Areas in Umumbo use the same postcode:

Location Postcode
Eziumubo 433111
Iboji 433111
Ifitora 433111
Ikenga 433111
Isamoyi 433111
Obiri 433111
Obunze 433111
Uga 433111


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