Nnewi South Postal Code | Nnewi South LGA Postal/Zip Code


Are you searching for the correct zip code for Nnewi South region of Anambra State? You are just on the right page as we will be talking about the correct Nnewi South postal code. This will sure assist you in discovering the postal code for all regions in Nnewi South local government area of the state.

Nnewi South LGA is one of the 21 available local government areas situated in Anambra State Nigeria.

On this page, you will discover the correct postal code for Nnewi South as promised. For easy discovery, we sort all postal code in this region alphabetically.

You can view below for the table containing all regions and their zip codes in Nnewi South LGA.


Areas within Akwaihedi use the same:

Location Postcode
Orume 435111
Umunnama 435111
Umunwehi 435111


Areas located in Amichi use the same postal/zip code:

Location Postcode
Afoube 435105
Ebenasa 435105
Eziama 435105
Obiogu 435105
Ogbodi 435105
Okpala 435105
Okpokoro 435105
Udene 435105


Areas located in Azigbo use the same postal code:

Location Postcode
Ebenato 435102
Imokpara 435102
Okpuno 435102
Umunnalo 435102
Umunnobe 435102


Areas located in Ebenator use the same:

Location Postcode
Amaebu 473113
Amaebu Nkwo 473113
Amaranetu 473113
Amazu 473113
Ubaha 435104
Umunama 435104
Umuonyelikpa 435104


Aras located in Ekwulu-Mili use 435110

Location Postcode
Isigwu 435110
Owelechukwu 435110
Umudiri 435110
Urueze 435110


Some ares in Ezinifite use different postcode. Check the table below carefully for your area:

Location Postcode
Awo 435109
Ifite 435109
Umudiama 435109
Aku 422115
Amaekwulu 422115
Ifite 422115


Areas located in Osumenyi use 435108

Location Postcode
Ezeabom 435108
Umeojilienyi 435108


All the areas located in Ukpor use 435106

Location Postcode
Amakom 435106
Durumaduru 435106
Umuahama 435106
Umunuko 435106


All the areas located in Unubi use the same postal code:

Location Postcode
Anakom 435113
Etitinabo 435113
Nkwukwo 435113


Areas located in Utuh use 435105

Location Postcode
Ebenator 435105
Enugwu 435105

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