Tansian University Postal Code (Zip Code)


Tansian University Postal Code (Zip Code) and address/location: Are you searching for the correct zip/postal code for Tansian University? You are just on the right page as we shall be revealing the correct postal zip code for Tansian University.

There are so many reasons why it is important to know your correct institutional postal code as well as your home location zip code. It is of great importance that you even memorize your institutional postal code (if possible).

This is because; you will need to provide your correct postal code when ordering for a product online or maybe filling an online form which requires you inputting your zip code.

The Zip code you provided while filling any form is what will be used to track your location or billing address.

This sure is the reason why we have this content; “Tansian University postal code (zip code)” on this page to help you out when it comes to filling online/offline forms that ask for your location zip code.

What is Tansian University Zip/Postal Code?

The correct postal code for Tansian University is a 6 digits’ code assigned by the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST). The below table will provide full information for Tansian University zip code.

Institution Tansian University
Postal Code 433103
Country Nigeria
State Anambra State
Address Umunya, Oyi LGA, Anambra State Nigeria.

Above table showcase details of Tansian University Institutional Zip code.

Tansian University Location Address

Tansian University is located at Umunya, Oyi LGA, Anambra State Nigeria.

Is Tansian University Postal Code & Zip Code same?

Tansian University Postal code and Tansian University Zip Code means the same thing therefore; the two search terms are represented by same zip code as approved by the Nigerian Postal Service.

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