Las Piñas City ZIP Codes: Metro Manila


Las Piñas City ZIP Code is the range from 1740 – 1752. The city is located in the Metropolitan Manila / National Capital Region (NCR), Philippines.

Name Las Piñas
ZIP Code 1740 – 1752
Area Code 2
Region Metro Manila
Country Philippines
Region Asia


For more details on the list of Postcodes or ZIP codes in Las Piñas City, find the code along with the Barangay and area.

ZIP Code of Las Piñas City

Barangay ZIP Code Area Code City
Almanza 1750 2 Las Piñas
Angela Village 1749 2 Las Piñas
Cut cut 1743 2 Las Piñas
Gatchalian Subdivision 1745 2 Las Piñas
Las Pinas CPO 1740 2 Las Piñas
Manila Doctors Village 1748 2 Las Piñas
Manuyo 1744 2 Las Piñas
Pulang Lupa 1742 2 Las Piñas
Remarville Subdivision 1741 2 Las Piñas
Soldiers Hills Subdivision 1752 2 Las Piñas
T. S. Cruz Subdivision 1751 2 Las Piñas
Talon, Moonwalk 1747 2 Las Piñas
Verdant Acres Subdivision 1746 2 Las Piñas
Zapote 1742 2 Las Piñas

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