Sapele Postal Code | Sapele LGA Postal/Zip Code


Hi there, you will discover the correct Sapele Postal Code | Sapele LGA Postal/Zip Code of Delta State Nigeria.

Good day and welcome to NairaPostalCode, here we have a tables showing you all postal codes of Sapele local government area of Delta State. It sure should be an all in one guide to help you discover your current zip code of other regions in Sapele.

What we have here is all you need in relation to using the service of the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) to have an item delivered to your location. You can also use this information while shopping online as your delivery address.

Our Sapele Postal Code (Sapele Postcodes) table shows zip/postal codes of all the towns and areas situated in Sapele, a region in Delta State.

This list is grouped alphabetically for easy navigation and discovery of your area’s postal code around Sapele municipal.

See below for all Sapele Postal Codes for Delta State, Nigeria.


Location Postcode
Amuokpokpo 331109
Elume 331109
Igbimidaka 331109
Inabome 331109
Jakpa 331109
Ogiedi 331109
Okuoke 331109
Olan 331109
Onoghro 331109
Oyohe 331109


Location Postcode
Adegbarassa 331107
Oton 331107
Ajakimonu 331107
Sapele 331107
Ajamikawa 331107
Amukpe 331107
Amuogodo 331107
Aruowon 331107
Atamua 331107
Ebada 331107
Egbeku 331107
Egborode 331107
Emuaegbedi 331107
Gana 331107
Ikwewu 331107
Ogorode 331107
Okirigwre 331107
Okuovwori 331107

Sapele Town

Location Postcode
Okpe Road 331241
Ojolu-Ghana 331242
Reclamation Road 331261
Catholic Mansion Road 331262
Anyomanor Road 331211
Chickester Road 331212
Atufe Road 331221
Agimele Village 331222


Location Postcode
Ekeresan 331108
Okopkooro 331108
Okuodede 331108
Okuovu 331108
Ugbokurusu 331108
Ugborhen 331108

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