List of Hausa States in Nigeria

List of Hausa States in Nigeria: The country Nigeria is known to be one of these leading countries in West Africa with divers tribes and culture.

Nigeria is currently leading as the top 3 countries in the world with highest numbers of spoken languages. However, our content won’t be centered on languages alone as we are here to talk about the most dominating language in Nigeria today.

We shall be looking at list of top leading Hausa States in Nigeria.

Before then, let’s get an insight on some of the major tribes in Nigeria

List of Tribes in Nigeria

Basically, Nigeria is considered to be the host of 3 major tribes which include;

  • Hausa
  • Igbo and,
  • Yoruba.

There are however, hundreds of tribes aside these three (3) mentioned above. The major reason why these 3 are highly mentioned across various platforms is due to the fact that they have the major population and are being centered on targeted regions.

Some other notable tribes include Ijaw, Igala, Mwaghavul, Tiv, Idoma, Kanuri, Kataf, Jaba among others.

There have always been this misconception that most (if not all) states in Northern Nigeria are Hausa State.

While this may not be completely true.

It is important to note that Hausa is considered as a general language usually spoken major cities in North central, northeast and northwest part of Nigeria.

There are various ethnic groups in Northern Nigeria in states like Plateau, Benue, Nassarawa, Kogi, Gombe, Borno, Bauchi, Kaduna and even FCT.

This is similar to the fact that everyone in east cannot be considered as Igbo (for instance people from Calabar, Akwa Ibom etc). Likewise, not everyone from the west are Yoruba (for instance states like Benin, Delta etc).

With that being said, it is important to note exactly what Hausa states really mean.

What Exactly does Hausa States Mean?

Hausa States are usually states in the Northern part of the country Nigeria which are primarily dominated by Hausa speakers.

Hausa speakers on the other hand are people without other language except Hausa. The Hausa States in Nigeria are group of ancient states that emerge in the 7th century AD. Hausa’s are considered as one of the oldest resident in Nigeria hence the reason why their population is even more compared to combination of other counterparts.

Primarily, there are 6 core Hausa States in Nigeria which will be revealed shortly in the next paragraph.

Complete List of Hausa States in Northern Nigeria 2023

The following are list of states primarily dominated by Hausa ethnic settlers in Nigeria.

From the above listing, one can clearly see that Hausa’s are primarily dominated only in the North Western states of the country.

States in North Central and some parts of North East are mostly occupied by Christians with their own languages, tribe and culture. The North West as well is occupied by other tribes including Fulani among others. The complete list of states in northern Nigeria include; Kaduna, Bauchi, Taraba, Kano, Plateau, Kebbi, Gombe, Adamawa, Sokoto, Jigawa, Katsina, Kwara, Borno, Benue, Zamfara, Yobe and Niger State. FCT (or Abuja) is in the northern region however, it is considered as the Federal Republic of Nigeria and not a State.

List of Hausa States in Nigeria by Population

Hausa State Capital Landmass (km2)
Jigawa Dutse 23,154
Kano Kano 20,131
Katsina Katsina 24,192
Kebbi Birnin Kebbi 36,800
Sokoto Sokoto 25,973
Zamfara Gusau 39,762

Is Kaduna and Plateau Hausa States?

Kaduna is one of the exempted north-western state which is not completely regarded as a Hausa State. This is because there are over 50 dominant ethnic group dominating the center and southernmost part of the state.

Therefore, Kaduna or Plateau state cannot be considered as Hausa States even though they are in the heart of the North region.

How Many Hausa States are in Nigeria?

There are 6 Hausa States in the Federation.

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