List of Kwara State Governors from 1960 till Date with their Political Party

List of Kwara State Governors from 1960 till Date with their Political Party: Kwara State is one of the states in the North-Central Region of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Kwara State is filled with people of different languages and cultures. It is important to note that there are over hundred languages/tribes in Nigeria aside the popular Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba which are commonly known nationwide.


Kwara State is one of these states with lots of history when it comes to culture and tradition which has also impacted their governing rule.

On this page, we shall be looking at a list of all past governors that have served in Kwara State and their political party.

The need to know the list of past and present governors of Kwara state from the 1960 Independence is crucial; most especially for students and information seekers.

We are however, happy you stumbled on the right page as we shall be looking at the comprehensive list of all past reigning governors of Kwara State and their political parties from 1960.

The below list may also contain list of military government (as the case may be).


See below for full details for List of Kwara State Governors and their Political Party from 1960 till date.

Kwara State Governors from 1960 & Their Political Parties

Name Title Took office Left office Party Notes
David Bamigboye Military Governor 28-May-67 Jul-75 Military  
Ibrahim Taiwo Military Governor Jul-75 13-Feb-76 Military  
Sunday Ifere Military Governor Jul-78 Oct-79 Military  
Adamu Atta Civilian Governor Oct-79 Oct-83 NPN  
Cornelius Olatunji Adebayo Civilian Governor Oct-83 Dec-83 UPN  
Salaudeen Latinwo Military Governor Jan-84 Aug-85 Military  
Mohammed Ndatsu Umaru Military Governor Aug-85 Dec-87 Military  
Ahmed Abdullahi Military Governor Dec-87 Jul-88 Military  
Ibrahim Alkali Military Governor Jul-88 Dec-89 Military  
Alwali Kazir Military Governor Dec-89 Jan-92 Military  
Shaaba Lafiaji Civilian Governor Jan-92 Nov-93 SDP  
Mustapha Ismail Military Administrator 09-Dec-93 14-Sep-94 Military  
Baba Adamu Iyam Military Administrator 14-Sep-94 22-Aug-96 Military  
Peter A.M. Ogar Military Administrator 22-Aug-96 Aug-98 Military  
Rasheed Shekoni Military Administrator Aug-98 29-May-99 Military  
Mohammed Lawal Civilian Governor 29-May-99 29-May-03 ANPP  
Bukola Saraki Civilian Governor 29-May-03 29-May-11 PDP  
Abdulfatah Ahmed Civilian Governor 29-May-11 29-May-19 PDP  
Abdulrazaq Abdulrahman Civilian Governor 29-May-19 Incumbent APC  

Who is the Present Governor of Kwara State 2022?

The Present Governor of Kwara State is Abdulrazaq Abdulrahman from All Progressive Congress (APC).


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