Owan West Postal Code (Owan West LGA Postal/Zip Code)

Hi there, you will discover the correct Owan West Postal Code (Owan West LGA Postal/Zip Code) of Edo State Nigeria.

Good day and welcome to NairaPostalCode, here we have a tables showing you all postal codes of Owan West local government area of Edo State. It sure should be an all in one guide to help you discover your current zip code of other regions in Owan West.

What we have here is all you need in relation to using the service of the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) to have an item delivered to your location. You can also use this information while shopping online as your delivery address.

Our Owan West Postal Code (Owan West Postcodes) table shows zip/postal codes of all the towns and areas situated in Owan West (an area/region in Edo State). Also note that Postal Code and Zip Codes means same thing, people often have these confussion when they are been asked to provide correct zip code for their location while they only know of their postal code.

This list is grouped alphabetically for easy navigation and discovery of your area’s postal code around Owan West municipal/Local government area.

See below for all Owan West Postal Codes for Edo State, Nigeria.


Location Postcode
Aropo 313110
Avbiognula 313110
Avbiosi 313110
Eruere 313110
Ikpeyan 313110
Iloje 313110
Ivbiodohen 313110
Oah 313110
Obii Camp 313110
Ogbnagun 313110
Ohia 313110
Okegboro 313110
Okpuje 313110
Ovbiokhua 313110
Ukhuse Osi 313110
Ukhuse-Oke 313110


Location Postcode
Abanju Akesin 234102
Aganju Asaoni 234102
Oyi Adumi 234102
Oyi Araromi 234102
Temidire 234102
Ogbeturu 313109
Oke 313109
Orbiogharin 313109
Sabongida-Ora 313109
Sobe 313109
Ugbovbiokhare 313109
Ugbueje Camp 313109
Uhiere 313109
Uhoumona 313109
Ukpatore 313109
Eme-Ora 313109
Igho-Usie 313109
Ikpafolame 313109
Ogakha 313109
Ameienghowan 302102
Estate 302102
Evbuogun 302102
Iguiyase 302102
Iguoriakhi Farm 302102
Iguoriakhi Upland 302102
Iguoriakhi Water Side 302102
Ikpoba 302102
Ora I 302102
Ora II 302102
Osse River Rubber 302102
Settlement 302102


  • All areas located within Ozalla make use of 313111 as their postcode.


  • Locations within Uzebba make use of 313111 as their postcode.

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