Ehime Mbano Postal Code (Ehime Mbano LGA Postal/Zip Code)


Hi there, you will discover the correct Ehime Mbano Postal Code (Ehime Mbano LGA Postal/Zip Code) of Imo State Nigeria.

Good day and welcome to NairaPostalCode, here we have a tables showing you all postal codes of Ehime Mbano local government area of Imo State. It sure should be an all in one guide to help you discover your current zip code of other regions in Ehime Mbano.

What we have here is all you need in relation to using the service of the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) to have an item delivered to your location. You can also use this information while shopping online as your delivery address.

Our Ehime Mbano Postal Code (Ehime Mbano Postcodes) table shows zip/postal codes of all the towns and areas situated in Ehime Mbano (an area/region in Imo State). Also note that Postal Code and Zip Codes means same thing, people often have these confussion when they are been asked to provide correct zip code for their location while they only know of their postal code.

This list is grouped alphabetically for easy navigation and discovery of your area’s postal code around Ehime Mbano municipal/Local government area.

See below for all Ehime Mbano Postal Codes for Imo State, Nigeria.


Location Postcode
Abosi 472109
Dinka 472109
Mgbam 472109
Umuchakwe 472109
Umuduruaro 472109
Umuechele 472109
Umueke 472109
Umuemeke 472109
Umuimo 472109
Umuobia 472109
Umuofa 472109


All areas located within Ehime make use of 472101 as their postal or zip code.


Location Postcode
Agbagbara 472104
Ezeoke 472104
Ihitte 472104
Ikpe 472104
Umuakagu 472104
Umuanunu 472104
Umudur 472104
Umuezeala I 472104
Umuezeala II 472104
Umunohu 472104
Umuopale 472104


Location Postcode
Ikwe I 472111
Ikwe II 472111
Mpam-Ikpem 472111
Njoke-Nzerem 472111
Nnegbe-Ikpem 472111
Nocha-Nzerem 472111
Umuagum-Nzerem 472111
Umueleala I 472111
Umueleala II 472111
Umueleke-Ikpem 472111
Umuobodo 472111
Umuoha-Nzerem 472111
Umuolimokoro-Nzerem 472111
Umuolo-Ikpem 472111
Umuosu-Nzerem 472111


Location Postcode
Umudibia 472108
Umuihim 472108
Umuonyia 472108
Umuoparalum 472108


Location Postcode
Umuezeala Ama 472105
Umuopala 472105

Umueze I

Location Postcode
Umualuwaka 472103
Umuanigo 472103
Umuawuchi 472103
Umuihim 472103
Umunanom 472103
Umuodu 472103

Umueze II

Location Postcode
Umueleke 472102
Umuike 472102
Umuodara 472102
Umuokwe 472102


Location Postcode
Ngboroko 472110
Odoli 472110
Umaizi 472110
Umualuwoke 472110
Umuchoko 472110
Umuduru 472110
Umueze 472110
Umuezeala 472110
Umunkwa 472110
Umunwanekwu 472110
Umuodu 472110
Umuowere 472110


Location Postcode
Amazi 472106
Ezike/Umunagbala 472106
Ofeokwe 472106
Okpaziza 472106
Umuele 472106
Umueli 472106
Umuerim 472106
Umuezeala Ogwara 472106
Umugolo 472106
Umuja 472106
Umuola 472106


Location Postcode
Eze/Obom 472107
Offor-Ama 472107
Ofo-Owerre 472107
Umuamunu 472107
Umuaro 472107
Umuchima 472107
Umuduruokoro 472107
Umuerir 472107
Umunghala 472107
Umuofeke 472107
Umuogwara 472107
Umuwoshe 472107

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