Top 5 Lending Apps in Nigeria in 2024


Are you searching for the best and most reliable lending app in Nigeria to borrow from?

Do you need to collect an urgent loan and you’ve been searching for the most reputable lending app in Nigeria which you can use?

Do you need to know the top best lending apps in Nigeria?

If you fall in those categories then you should give this piece a read.

In this article we have detailedly and factually listed and explained the best lending apps in Nigeria which you can use to borrow for any emergency or to improve your business, please stay tuned!

Top 5 Lending Apps in Nigeria

The below are the top 5 best lending apps you can use in Nigeria:

1. Branch

Branch is one of the oldest lending app in Nigeria with over 10 million downloads and a star rating of 4.5 from 800 thousand plus reviews. Branch app offers loan amount from 2,000 up to half a million and their repayment period can go as high as 180 days. To access brach loan simply download their app from PlayStore or their official website.

2. FairMoney Micro Finance Bank

Fair money is one of the most popular lending application in Nigeria with over 10 million downloads and has a star rating of 4.4 from 400 thousand plus honest reviews on PlayStore. FairMoney offers instant loan of up to 1 million naira for individuals and up to 3 million naira for businesses which is known as SME loans.

3. Kuda Microfinance Bank

Kuda is a microfinance bank which offers full banking services and also offers instant loans for their customers in form of an overdraft with an interest of 0.3% daily and a repayment period of up to 90 days. Kuda has over 5 million downloads on Google PlayStore and 4.4 star rating from 160 thousand plus honest reviews.

4. Palm Credit

Plam credit is another top lending application with over 5 million app downloads and a star rating of 4.2 from 170 thousand plus honest reviews. Palm Credit offers instant loan to customers with a repayment period of 7 to 180 days after loan has been disbursed. Palm Credit instant loan for lenders without collateral is capped at 100 thousand naira.

5. Ren Money

Renmoney is another top lending app which typically provides one of the highest lending amount for individuals, renmoney usually provides up to 6 million naira for a repayment period of up to 730 days. To get a loan from ren money you may need to provide your bank statement, government ID and even your current utility bill.


These 5 best lending applications in Nigeria which we listed and explained here have been tested and proven trusted by thousands of real users as of the time of writing this article, it’s now left for our viewers to decide which of these apps best fits their need and patronize them. However, kindly familiarize yourself with these apps terms so you don’t end up defaulting.

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