Halifax County ZIP Codes (Postal Code) Nova Scotia

Halifax County ZIP codes is B0J to B4G. This division is located in the Nova Scotia province, Canada, North America.

Name Halifax County
Postal Code B0J, B0N, B2G, B2R, B2S, B2T, B2V, B2W, B2X, B2Y, B2Z, B3A, B3B, B3E, B3G, B3T, B3V, B3Z, B4A, B4B, B4C, B4E, B4G
Province Nova Scotia (NS)
Country Canada
Continent North America

For more details on the list of Postal codes or ZIP codes in Halifax County, find the code along with the place.

ZIP Code for Halifax County, NS

Place Postcode County
Antrim B0N 1Y0 Halifax
Bald Rock B3V 1K9 Halifax
Bayside B3Z Halifax
Bear Cove B3V Halifax
Beaver Bank B4E, B4G Halifax
Bedford B4A, B4B Halifax
Beechville B3T Halifax
Big Lake B3Z Halifax
Black Point B0J 1B0 Halifax
Blind Bay B3Z Halifax
Boutiliers Point B3Z Halifax
Brookside B3T, B6L Halifax
Carrolls Corner B0N 1Y0 Halifax
Chaswood B0N Halifax
Cherry Brook B2Z Halifax
Cole Harbour B2V, B2W, B2Z Halifax
Cooks Brook B0N Halifax
Cow Bay B3G Halifax
Dartmouth B2V, B2W, B2X, B2Y, B2Z, B3A, B3B Halifax
Duncans Cove B3V Halifax
Dutch Settlement B2S Halifax
East Chezzetcook B0J 1N0 Halifax
East Dover B3Z Halifax
East Lawrencetown B2Z Halifax
East Pennant B3V Halifax
East Preston B2Z Halifax
Eastern Passage B3G Halifax
Elderbank B0N Halifax
Fall River B2T Halifax
Fergusons Cove B3V Halifax
Fletchers Lake B2T Halifax
French Village B3Z Halifax
Glen Haven B3Z Halifax
Glen Margaret B3Z Halifax
Goffs B2T Halifax
Goodwood B3T Halifax
Grand Lake B2T Halifax
Hacketts Cove B3Z Halifax
Halibut Bay B3V Halifax
Halifax B3H, B3J, B3K, B3L, B3M, B3N, B3P, B3R, B3S, B3V Halifax
Hammonds Plains B3Z, B4B Halifax
Harrietsfield B3V Halifax
Hatchet Lake B3T Halifax
Head of Chezzetcook B0J 1N0 Halifax
Head of Jeddore B0J Halifax
Head of Saint Margarets Bay B3Z Halifax
Herring Cove B3R, B3V Halifax
Hubbards B0J Halifax
Hubley B3Z Halifax
Indian Harbour B3Z Halifax
Ingramport B3Z Halifax
Jeddore Oyster Ponds B0J Halifax
Ketch Harbour B3V Halifax
Kinsac B4G Halifax
Lake Charlotte B0J 1Y0 Halifax
Lake Echo B3E Halifax
Lake Egmont B0N Halifax
Lake Loon B2W, B2Z Halifax
Lewis Lake B3Z Halifax
Lower Prospect B3T Halifax
Lower Sackville B4C, B4E Halifax
Lucasville B4B Halifax
McGraths Cove B3Z Halifax
Meaghers Grant B0N Halifax
Middle Musquodoboit B0N Halifax
Middle Porters Lake B3E 1K7, B3E 0B6, B3E 1K8 Halifax
Middle Sackville B4B, B4E Halifax
Mineville B2Z Halifax
Montague Gold Mines B2R Halifax
Mooseland B0J Halifax
Moser River B0J Halifax
Musquodoboit Harbour B0J Halifax
North Preston B2Z Halifax
Oakfield B2T Halifax
Oldham B2T Halifax
Peggys Cove B3Z Halifax
Port Dufferin B0J 2R0 Halifax
Porters Lake B3E Halifax
Portuguese Cove B3V Halifax
Prospect B3T Halifax
Prospect Bay B3T Halifax
Prospect Village B3T Halifax
Sambro B3V Halifax
Sambro Creek B3V 0C7, B3V 1L8, B3V 1L8 Halifax
Sambro Head B3V Halifax
Seabright B3Z Halifax
Shad Bay B3T Halifax
Shearwater B0J 0C3 Halifax
Sheet Harbour B0J Halifax
Stillwater Lake B3Z Halifax
Tangier B0J Halifax
Tantallon B3Z Halifax
Terence Bay B3T Halifax
Timberlea B3T Halifax
Upper Hammonds Plains B4B Halifax
Upper Musquodoboit B0N Halifax
Upper Sackville B4E Halifax
Upper Tantallon B3Z Halifax
Waverley B2R Halifax
Wellington B2T Halifax
West Chezzetcook B0J 1N0 Halifax
West Dover B3Z Halifax
West Pennant B3V Halifax
West Porters Lake B3E Halifax
West River B2G 0G6 Halifax
Westphal B2W, B2Z Halifax
Whites Lake B3T Halifax
Williamswood B3V Halifax
Windsor Junction B2T Halifax
Wyses Corner B0N 1Y0 Halifax

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