Lloydminster County ZIP Codes


Lloydminster County ZIP codes is S0M, S9V and S9X. This county is located in the Saskatchewan province, Canada, North America.

Name Lloydminster County
Postal Code S0M, S9V, S9X
Province Saskatchewan (SK)
Country Canada
Continent North America

For more details on the list of Postal codes or ZIP codes in Lloydminster County, find the code along with the place.

ZIP Code for Lloydminster County, SK

Place Postcode County
Barthel S0M 0C0 Lloydminster
Bright Sand S0M 0H0 Lloydminster
Cochin S0M 0C4, S0M 0L0 Lloydminster
Dorintosh S0M 0E6, S0M 0T0 Lloydminster
Edam S0M 0V0, S0M 0E3 Lloydminster
Frenchman Butte S0M 0W0, S0M 0B4 Lloydminster
Glaslyn S0M 0C7 Lloydminster
Goodsoil S0M 0E9, S0M 1A0 Lloydminster
Island Lake S0M 0G3, S0M 3G0 Lloydminster
Lashburn S0M 1H0, S0M 0A8 Lloydminster
Livelong S0M 0A3, S0M 1J0 Lloydminster
Lloydminster S9V Lloydminster
Lone Rock S0M 1K0, S0M 0E4 Lloydminster
Loon Lake S0M 0C1, S0M 1L0 Lloydminster
Maidstone S0M 0G1, S0M 1M0 Lloydminster
Makwa S0M 0A7, S0M 1N0 Lloydminster
Marshall S0M 1R0, S0M 0G2 Lloydminster
Meadow Lake S9X Lloydminster
Meota S0M 0G8, S0M 1X0 Lloydminster
Mervin S0M 0C3, S0M 1Y0 Lloydminster
Onion Lake S0M 2E0, S0M 0A9 Lloydminster
Paradise Hill S0M 0A5, S0M 2G0 Lloydminster
Paynton S0M 0B1, S0M 2J0 Lloydminster
Pierceland S0M 0B2, S0M 2K0 Lloydminster
Rapid View S0M 2M0 Lloydminster
Saint Walburg S0M 0E2, S0M 2T0 Lloydminster
Spruce Lake S0M 2W0 Lloydminster
Turtleford S0M 0G4, S0M 2Y0 Lloydminster
Vawn S0M 2Z0 Lloydminster
Waseca S0M 3A0 Lloydminster
Waterhen Lake S0M 3B0, S0M 0B5 Lloydminster
Whelan S0M 3C0 Lloydminster

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