Manitoba ZIP Codes (Postal Code)

Manitoba ZIP codes is the range from R0A to R8N. The province is located in the Canada, North America.

Name Manitoba (MB)
Postal Code R0A – R8N
Area Code 204, 431, and 584
Capital City of Winnipeg
Country Canada
Continent North America

For more details on the list of Postal codes or ZIP codes in Manitoba, find the code along with the region.

ZIP Code for Manitoba

Region Postcode Province
Beausejour R0E – R5K Manitoba
Brandon R0K – R7C Manitoba
Central Manitoba R0G – R0K Manitoba
Dauphin R0H – R7N Manitoba
Division No. 16 R0J – R0L Manitoba
Eastern Manitoba R0A, R0E Manitoba
North Central R0B, R8N Manitoba
North East R0B – R0L Manitoba
North Interlake R0C Manitoba
Northern Manitoba R0B Manitoba
North West Manitoba R0B – R8A Manitoba
Pembina Valley R0A – R6W Manitoba
Pilot Mound R0G – R0K Manitoba
Portage la Prairie R0G – R1N Manitoba
Selkirk R0C – R1C Manitoba
South Interlake R0C, R0H Manitoba
South West R0K, R0M Manitoba
Steinbach R0A – R5K Manitoba
Swan River R0L Manitoba
Virden R0M Manitoba
Western Manitoba R0J – R0M Manitoba
Whitehorse Plains R0G – R4L Manitoba
Winnipeg R0G – R3Y Manitoba

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