Queens County ZIP Codes (Postal Code) New Brunswick


Queens County ZIP codes is E4A to E5T. This County is located in the New Brunswick province, Canada, North America.

Name Queens County
Postal Code E4A, E4B, E4C, E4Z, E5K, E5L, E5M, E5T
Province New Brunswick (NB)
Country Canada
Continent North America

For more details on the list of Postal codes or ZIP codes in Queens County, find the code along with the place.

ZIP Code for Queens County, NB

Place Postcode County
Big Cove (Queens Co) E4C Queens
Briggs Corner (Queens Co) E4A Queens
Bronson Settlement E4A Queens
Cambridge-Narrows E4C Queens
Canaan Forks E4Z Queens
Central Hampstead E5M Queens
Chipman E4A Queens
Clarendon E5K Queens
Clarks Corner E4B Queens
Coal Creek E4A Queens
Codys E4C Queens
Coles Island (Queens Co) E4C Queens
Cumberland Bay E4A Queens
Douglas Harbour E4B Queens
Dufferin (Queens Co) E4A 3P8, E4A 2P5, E4A 2P4 Queens
Elm Hill E5M Queens
Evans Road E4B Queens
Flowers Cove E4B Queens
Gagetown E5M Queens
Gaspereau Forks E4A Queens
Hampstead E5M Queens
Henderson Settlement E5T Queens
Highfield E4C Queens
Hunters Home E4C Queens
Immigrant Road E4A 1B6, E4A 1B8, E4A 1B7 Queens
Iron Bound Cove E4A Queens
Jemseg E4C Queens
Long Creek E4C Queens
Lower Cambridge E4C Queens
Maquapit Lake E4B Queens
Midland (Queens Co) E4A Queens
Mill Cove E4C Queens
Minto E4B Queens
Newcastle Centre E4B Queens
Newcastle Creek E4B Queens
Old Avon E4B Queens
Picketts Cove E4C 2M1 Queens
Pleasant Villa E5M Queens
Pondstream E4B 3Z1, E4B 4A2, E4B 3Y1 Queens
Princess Park E4B Queens
Printz Cove E4B 2H6, E4B 4A3, E4B 4A4 Queens
Queenstown E5M Queens
Red Bank (Queens Co) E4A Queens
Salmon Creek E4C Queens
Salmon River Road E4A Queens
Scotchtown E4B Queens
Shannon E5T Queens
Slope E4B 3H5, E4B 3H6 Queens
Sunnyside Beach E4B Queens
Sypher Cove E4B Queens
Upper Gagetown E5M Queens
Upper Hampstead E5M Queens
Waterborough E4C Queens
Welsford E5K Queens
Whites Cove E4C Queens
Wickham E4C, E5T Queens
Wirral E5L Queens
Wuhrs Beach E4B Queens
Youngs Cove E4C Queens

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