Victoria ZIP Codes (Postal Code) Capital, British Columbia

Victoria ZIP codes is V8N to V9E. This city is located in the Capital Regional District, British Columbia province, Canada, North America.

Name Victoria
Postal Code V8N, V8P, V8R, V8S, V8T, V8V, V8W, V8X, V8Y, V8Z, V9A, V9B, V9C, V9E
Area Code 250, 778, 236, 672
Region Capital Regional District (CRD)
Province British Columbia (BC)
Country Canada
Continent North America

For more details on the list of Postal codes or ZIP codes in Victoria, find the code along with the place.

ZIP Code for Victoria, BC

Place ⇵ Postcode ⇅ City
Andrew Ave V8P 0A8 Victoria
Attree Ave V9B 0A6 Victoria
Bee St V8R 0A1 Victoria
Bossi Pl V8Y 0A1 Victoria
Burdett Ave V8W 0A8 Victoria
Burnside Rd W V9E 1H6 Victoria
Church Ave V8P 0A3 Victoria
Claudette Crt V9C 0A1 Victoria
Copperfield Lane V8Z 0A5 Victoria
Copperfield Lane V8Z 0A6 Victoria
Corniche Crt V8N 0A7 Victoria
Courtney St V8W 0A9 Victoria
Dallas Rd V8S 1A1 Victoria
Dallas Rd V8S 1A2 Victoria
Dallas Rd V8S 1A3 Victoria
Dallas Rd V8V 0A6 Victoria
Douglas St V8X 0A5 Victoria
Druce Lane V8P 0A2 Victoria
Fairfield Rd V8V 0A7 Victoria
Falaise Cres V8Y 1A1 Victoria
Falaise Cres V8Y 1A2 Victoria
Firehall Creek Rd V9C 0A2 Victoria
Firehall Creek Rd V9C 0A3 Victoria
Fort St V8R 0A0 Victoria
Fox Glove Terr V8Z 0A3 Victoria
Gold Smith St V8R 0A2 Victoria
Government St V8W 0A1 Victoria
Heatherdale Lane V8Z 0A4 Victoria
Hillside Ave V8T 0A2 Victoria
Holgate Lane V9C 0A6 Victoria
Huckleberry Terr V9C 0A7 Victoria
Ironwood Pl V8Y 0A2 Victoria
Jacklin Rd V9B 0A3 Victoria
Johnson St V8W 0A4 Victoria
Kings St V8R 0A3 Victoria
Langford Pky V9B 0A5 Victoria
Laval Ave V8N 0A5 Victoria
Legacy Ridge V9B 0A1 Victoria
Licorice Lane V8X 0A2 Victoria
Lilooet Hts V8S 0A1 Victoria
Lynburne Pl V9B 0A4 Victoria
Mallek Cres V8T 0A3 Victoria
Mason St V8W 0A2 Victoria
McKenzie Ave V8N 0A1 Victoria
McKenzie Ave V8N 0A2 Victoria
McKenzie Ave V8N 0A3 Victoria
McKenzie Ave V8N 0A4 Victoria
Nanaimo St V8T 0A1 Victoria
Oceanwood Lane V8X 0A4 Victoria
Orchard Lane V8P 0A7 Victoria
Pendergast St V8V 0A1 Victoria
Pendray St V8V 0A9 Victoria
Point St V8S 1A4 Victoria
Providence Pl V8N 0A6 Victoria
Rechsteiner Rd V8P 0A4 Victoria
Redfern St V8S 0A3 Victoria
Rupert Terr V8W 0A7 Victoria
Saghalie Rd V9A 0A1 Victoria
Sandstone Lane V9B 7A2 Victoria
Songhees Rd V9A 0A2 Victoria
Songhees Rd V9A 0A3 Victoria
Stan Wright Lane V8P 0A1 Victoria
Tilip Ave V8Z 0A2 Victoria
Twin Pine Lane V8P 0A5 Victoria
Victoria V8R 0A4 Victoria
Victoria V8R 0A5 Victoria
Victoria V8R 0A6 Victoria
Victoria V8S 0A2 Victoria
Victoria V8T 0A8 Victoria
Victoria V8V 0A2 Victoria
Victoria V8V 0A4 Victoria
Victoria V8V 0A8 Victoria
Victoria V8X 0A1 Victoria
Victoria V8X 0A3 Victoria
Victoria V8X 0A6 Victoria
Victoria V8X 0A7 Victoria
Victoria V8Y 0A3 Victoria
Victoria V8Y 0A5 Victoria
Victoria V8Y 1A0 Victoria
Victoria V8Z 0A0 Victoria
Victoria V9B 0A2 Victoria
Victoria V9C 0A4 Victoria
Victoria V9C 0A5 Victoria
Victoria V9E 1C8 Victoria
Victoria V9E 1G7 Victoria
Victoria V9E 1G8 Victoria
Victoria V9E 1H4 Victoria
Victoria V9E 1H5 Victoria
Victoria V9E 1L7 Victoria
View St V8W 0A3 Victoria
Waterfront Cres V8T 0A6 Victoria
Waterfront Cres V8T 0A7 Victoria
Wilkinson Rd V8Z 0A7 Victoria
Yukon St V8T 0A5 Victoria

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