Winnipeg Region ZIP Codes (Postal Code) Manitoba

Winnipeg Region ZIP codes is R0G to R3Y. This region is located in the Manitoba province, Canada, North America.

Name Winnipeg Metropolitan Region
Postal Code R0G – R3Y
Province Manitoba (MB)
Country Canada
Continent North America

For more details on the list of Postal codes or ZIP codes in Winnipeg Region, find the code along with the place.

ZIP Code for Winnipeg Region, MB

Place Postcode Region
East Saint Paul R2E, R2G Winnipeg
Headingley R4H, R4J Winnipeg
La Barriere R5A Winnipeg
Vermette R0G 2W0 Winnipeg
West Saint Paul R2P, R2V, R4A Winnipeg
Winnipeg R2C – R3Y Winnipeg

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