Beheira Postal Code (Zip Code)


Beheira Postal Code (Zip Code) is a five (5) digits numbers which is recognized and approved by Egypt Post. “Egypt Post” (Egyptian Arabic: البريد المصرى El-Barid el-Maṣri) is the governmental agency responsible for postal service in Egypt. Established in 1865, it is one of the oldest governmental institutions in the country today.

Beheira is one of the twenty-seven (27) Governorates (province) in Egypt. See more details about this province below.

Province Beheira
Postal Code 22511 – 22649
Office Numbers 182
Area Code +20
Country Egypt
Region Africa

See below for complete zip code lists for Beheira Governorate post offices in Egypt (EG).

Beheira Governorate Zip Code (الرمز البريدي)

Office Address Postal code
Damanhur St. Directorate -medan station – Damanhur 22511
Shubra Aldmanhorih Damanhur / field bus Shubra City 22512
Makrizy Damanhur City 22513
Phrase is Mustafa Kamel El Beside The SSI – Damanhur 22514
Government compound in Damanhour Next to the upper bridge – Damanhur 22516
Abu Rish _lakeh Abu Rish service center – the city of Damanhur 22517
Clicked Damanhur City 22518
Sentis Damanhur Center 22519
City victory Damanhur City Damanhur Qandil Street 22551
Abouhmus The station – the city of Abu Hummus 22611
Abouhmus country Nasser Street – the city of Abu Hummus 22612
Jawad Hosni Abu Hummus / c Center 22613
Convoy Abu Homs Center 22614
Facility Dsena Abu Homs Center 22615
Com Spans Com archways Abu Hummus 22616
Palm Marine Abu Homs Center 22617
Kvraldoar Kafr Dawar City / Street July 26 22621
Kvraldoarveray City Kafr Dawar 22622
Kvraldoar fabric Kafr Dawar / Parks District Center 22623
White housing Kafr El Dawar 22624
Albesgulwn Kafr El Dawar 22625
Antoinads Kafr El Dawar 22626
Creon Kafr El Dawar 22627
Central Kafr Dawar Kafr El Dawar 22628
Kafr Salim Lake Kafr El Dawar / Kafr Salim Sea Street 22629
Aekrish Kafr El Dawar 22631
Abualazaim Kafr El Dawar 22632
Kvraldoar country City Kafr Dawar 22633
King Osman Kafr El Dawar 22634
Alostanih Kafr El Dawar 22635
Kafr rotor housing City Kafr Dawar 22636
Talaat Harb Kom Hamada Center 22638
Agazzaz plant Kafr El Dawar 22639
Almlgah Almlqh village – Kafr El Dawar 22641
Facility sieve Damanhur Center 22642
Pauline facility Kafr El Dawar 22644
Hope facility Edco Center 22645
Fakhura 22646
Infectious Edco Center 22676
De Bono Edco Center 22697
Mahdia Abu Matamir Abu silos Center 22698
Abu Matamir sub Public housing – the city of Abu Matamir 22699
Angle Ghazal Damanhur Center 22711
Psontway Psontway village / Abu Homs Center 22712
Aavadi Damanhur Damanhur Center 22713
Hernob Village Hernob / Damanhur 22714
To Kanah Lake Village Kana- Shoubrakhit Center 22715
Facility Arimon Mahmudiya Center 22716
Fresh water Psontway Mahmudiya Center 22717
Mahmudiya Mahmudiya / Saad Zaghloul Street City 22718
Srenbay Mahmudiya Center 22719
Dirout Lake Mahmudiya Center 22721
Cn Lake Aldlnecat Center 22722
Tod Lake Tod village – Kom Hamada Center 22723
Preventive Alofiih village – Aldlnecat Center 22724
Btors Hosh Issa Center 22725
Kom green Kom village green – monsters Issa Center 22726
Cicatricule Damanhur / Imad al-Din Street Center 22727
Monsters Isa El Republic – E architecture – Monsters Isa Town 22728
Com Baraka Kafr El Dawar 22729
Abualmtamir Lake U new institute – Abu Matamir City 22731
Ganaklis Abu silos Center 22732
Angle Saqr Abu silos Center 22733
Algite Abu silos Center 22734
Com vulva Abu silos Center 22735
Sidi Ghazi Kafr Dawar Kafr El Dawar 22736
Dsoons Abu Homs Center 22737
Mage Ghattas Abu Homs Center 22738
Belktaralcherqah Abu Homs Center 22739
Sanhour Lake Sanhour village – Damanhur Center 22742
Smkhrat Rahmaniyah / Smkhrat Center 22743
Rahmaniyah City Rahmaniyah Court Street 22744
Rashid Rashid City / Omar bin al-Aas Street 22745
Rashid_lakeh Tower Rashid Center 22746
Bosaily Village Albossala – Edco Center Street Station 22747
Edco Khairat Street – Edco City 22748
Trah_lakeh Edco Center 22749
Nasser Center Abu Matamir Center 22751
Farm machine Abu Matamir Center 22752
Mahmudiya sub Mahmudiya City 22753
Qhobanyh Abokir_lakeh Kafr El Dawar 22754
Shoubrakhit Public housing – City Shoubrakhit 22755
Misplaced corneous Shoubrakhit Center 22756
Replaced humans Shoubrakhit Center 22757
Edfina City Edfina Sea / Rasheed Street 22758
Replaced by Prince Rashid Center 22759
Sidi heel Mahmudiya Center 22761
Aldlnecat City Aldlnecat Market Street 22762
Tiba Good village – Aldlnecat Center 22763
Com Zimran The village of Kom Zimran – Aldlnecat Center 22764
Adco sub Edco City 22765
Saft freedom Itay gunpowder Center 22766
Alnberh Itay gunpowder Center 22767
Dnchal and Ouja Itay gunpowder Center 22768
Avelaqh facility Damanhur City 22769
Dsoons or BD Damanhur Center 22771
Fisha Belkha Mahmudiya Center 22772
New Nubaria City Headquarters Cooperative Association – Commercial Market 22773
Glory Shoubrakhit Center 22774
Rasheed sub Rashid City 22775
Abu Bakr Badr Center Abu Bakr u / center Bdrallakeh 22777
Alredan Shoubrakhit Center 22778
Ahmad Badawi Ahmad Badawi St. – Nubaria – lake 22779
Flowers princes Aldlnecat Center 22781
Imam Hussein The village of Imam Hussein – Aldlnecat Center 22782
Edfina Mail housing Edfina City 22783
Licorice Abu Homs Center 22784
Mohamed Refaat Kom Hamada Center 22785
In front of Ibn Abi Taleb Aldlnecat Center 22786
Pioneers of peace Abu silos Center 22787
Ahadjramahrouk_lakeh Aldlnecat Center 22788
Kvreddfraoy Lake Shoubrakhit Center 22789
Courage Village courage – Supplies – lake 22791
Village fulfill Village fulfill – the lake 22792
Abualhqav _lakeh Hosh Issa Center 22793
Village 7 Edco Center 22794
Kafr Mstnad Shoubrakhit Center 22795
Aldlnecat sub Salah Salem St. -City Aldlnecat 22796
Shoubrakhit sub Shoubrakhit City 22797
Village Glory Village Glory / Rahmaniyah main street 22798
Tawfeqya Itay gunpowder 22811
Aldahrah Aldahria village – Itai Center gunpowder 22812
Hst Anaam Itay gunpowder Center 22813
Shapur Itay gunpowder Center 22814
Abu st Kom Hamada Center 22815
Alqam Kom Hamada Center 22816
Fazarah Village Fazarah – Mahmudiyah Center 22817
Kom Hamada Kom Hamada / ALmazlagan Street City 22821
Kafr Pauline Kafr Pauline – Kom Hamada Center 22822
Pipan Kom Hamada Center 22823
Kharbatha Kom Hamada Center 22824
Dest Najaf Kom Hamada Center 22825
Kom Hamada sub El Tahrir – the city of Kom Hamada 22826
Binomial Kom Hamada Center 22827
Kffersaadeh_allakeh Kom Hamada Center 22828
Sawaf Kom Hamada Center 22829
Editing directors Badr Center 22831
Mrkzbdrlakeh Kom Hamada Center 22832
Alfath_lakeh Kom Hamada Center 22833
Success Kom Hamada Kom Hamada Center 22834
Majeed Myers Kom Hamada Center 22835
Nabil Stoker _ Lake Kom Hamada Center 22836
Flower Kafr El Dawar 22837
Khnezh Kom Hamada Center 22838
Salahuddin Kom Hamada Center 22839
Jabbars _lakeh Itay gunpowder Center 22841
A certain lake Interested in the village – Itai Center gunpowder 22842
Oren Shoubrakhit Center / 22843
Armenia Itay gunpowder Center 22844
Ncla grapes Itay gunpowder Center 22845
Fliscan Itay gunpowder Center 22846
Saft grapes Kom Hamada 22847
ARRIVAL Kom Hamada / village center Waqid 22848
Saling Lake Village turf – Kom Hamada Center 22849
Avium Kom Hamada Center 22851
Com partner Kom Hamada Center 22852
Albraijat Kom Hamada Center 22853
Semen built Mansour Itay gunpowder Center 22854
Omar Shahin Kom Hamada Center 22855
Wadi Natrun Crossing the field and led Nitrite / lake 22856
Avium country Kom Hamada Center 22857
Island Ncla Itay gunpowder Center 22858
Damishl Kom Hamada Center 22859
Shubra Osim Kom Hamada Center 22863
Junboay Itay gunpowder Center 22864
Abu Mnjoj Shoubrakhit Center 22865
Apis fifth 22877
Etay El gunpowder Quetta city gunpowder / Republic Street 22951
Amlait Itay gunpowder Center 22952
Etay El gunpowder sub Itay gunpowder City 22953
Hamour angle Center of Delengat 0
Shoubra Fares Itai center of gunpowder 0
Hebron Center of Delengat 0
Manufacturing 0
The battle Battle Village / Badr Center 22869
Village 19 Meat The village 19 meat center Abu al – Matamir 22694
Dancing The Dance Center – Damanhour Center 22647
Abu Kabaria Abou Homs Center 22871
The churches Kafr El Dawar Center 22648
Nubased The Eighth Village Seeds – Abou El Matamir Center 22693
Abou Homs Farai Abou Homs Center 22618
Kafr Bani Helal Kafr Bani Helal – Damanhour Center 22649


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