Egypt Postal Code (Zip Code List)


Egypt (EG) Postal Code is a five (5) digits number ranging between 11111 to 99999. The postal code was used by the Egyptian Post service in Egypt to determine the correct location of a given address within the country. Postal codes in Egypt can as well be referred to as Egypt Zip Code as the two phrases are interchangeable. See below for more insight on the correct Egyptian zip codes.

Name Egypt
Postcode 11111 – 99999
Area Code +20
Capital Cairo
Region Africa

For more details on the list of Postcodes or ZIP codes in Egypt, find the code along with the Provinces.

Egypt Postal Codes (Zip Codes)

S/N Province Office Numbers
1 Alexandria 157
2 Assiut 201
3 Aswan 164
4 Beheira 182
5 Beni Suef 109
6 Cairo 285
7 Dakahlia 254
8 Damietta 55
9 Fayoum 103
10 Gharbiya 259
11 Giza 239
12 Ismailia 57
13 Kafr El Sheikh 135
14 Luxor 99
15 Matrouh 29
16 Menofia 219
17 Minya 174
18 New Valley 49
19 North Sinai 48
20 Port Said 38
21 Qalubia 196
22 Qena 185
23 Red Sea 42
24 Sharkia 334
25 Sohag 286
26 South Sinai 24
27 Suez 48

What is Egypt Postal Code for All Governorates?

The Country Egypt have over 5,000 zip codes which is been assigned as a unique identification number of a particular address (usually in a Governorate, city or street). The zip codes for Egypt is a five (5) numbers usually between the ranges of  11111 to 99999. Cairo is the capital of Egypt and have zip codes ranging between 11511 – 17621.

How Many Governorates are in Egypt?

Egypt is divided, for the purpose of public administration, according to a three-layer hierarchy and some districts are further subdivided, creating an occasional fourth layer.

The top-level of the hierarchy are 27 governorates (singular: محافظة muḥāfẓa, plural: محافظات muḥāfẓat). The second-level, beneath and within governorates, are marakiz (singular: مركز markaz, plural: مراكز marakiz) or aqsam (singular: قسم qism, plural: أقسام aqsam). The third-level is composed of districts (singular: حي ḥay, plural: أحياء aḥya’) and villages (singular: قرية qarya, plural: قرى qura). There is a governing structure at each of these levels.[1][2] Districts may be further divided into sub-districts as a fourth level.

There are also seven economic regions used for planning purposes, defined by the General Organization for Physical Planning (GOPP). – (Source: Wikipedia)

Is +20 a Valid Zip Code Address in Egypt?

+20 is not a valid zip code number/address in Egypt. Instead, +20 is the country’s dialing code which is usually used for making phone calls to/from an Egyptian phone line.

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