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PostCode, Postal Code and Zip Code means same thing and are interchangeable in most cases. Though, the term “Zip Code” is most mostly used in the United States of America whereas, postal code is mostly used all over the world. Even at that, Zip code and Postal Codes are acceptable in any Country in the world (Nigeria, Australia, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand etc.

The Nigerian Postal Code is well structured by the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST). NIPOST is the official Nigerian government agency saddled with the responsibility to offer postal and billing services to Nigerians.

NIPOST history can be traced back to the 19th century as the first post office was established in Nigeria by the British Colony in 1852. It was set up as a branch of London General Post Office. A lot of Nigerians believe the Nigerian Postal Code is +234 yet they get a bounce back whenever they insert the code to any authorities/website.

This brings about the need to know your correct location POSTAL CODE and why we have Naira Postal Code. With NAIRA POSTAL CODE, you will be able to access your correct postcode for your Local government, region, town, area, district and street. Search your street postal code below. There are so many reasons, why you need to know your NigerianPostCode provided you are residing in Nigeria. Some of which include;

  • You want to receive a package from abroad (foreign countries)
  • You want to receive an AdSense PIN from Google (for bloggers)
  • Some Software companies will require this to deliver your product Shopping online from sites like Jumia, Konga, Buy iPhone.com Signing up on some websites that requires your correct Nigerian PostCode and a lot others.

You can access/discover the correct postal code of all Nigerian locations by simply going through the available links below. To use the links, select on the state, there will be a list of all Local Government Areas on the next page. TAB on your Local Government Area to view all postal code for towns and streets in your area.

States & Postcodes

S/N STATE No. of LGAs Postal Code
1 Abia State 17 440001
2 Adamawa State 22 640001
3 Akwa Ibom State 21 520001
4 Anambra State 31 420001
5 Bauchi State 20 740001
6 Bayelsa State 9 560212
7 Benue State 22 970101
8 Borno State 27 600001
9 Cross River State 18 840001
10 Delta State 25 320001
11 Ebonyi State 13 480251
12 Edo State 19 300001
13 Enugu State 17 400001
14 Gombe State 11 760222
15 FCT, Abuja 6 900001
16 Imo State 27 460001
17 Jigawa State 27 720001
18 Kaduna State 23 700001
19 Kano State 44 800001
20 Katsina State 34 820001
21 Kebbi State 22 860001
22 Kogi State 20 260001
23 Kwara State 16 240001
24 Lagos State 20 100001
25 Nasarawa State 13 950101
26 Niger State 24 920001
27 Ogun State 19 110001
28 Ondo State 18 340001
29 Osun State 30 230001
30 Oyo State 34 200001
31 Plateau State 17 930001
32 Rivers State 23 500001
33 Sokoto State 22 840001
34 Taraba State 16 660001
35 Yobe State 17 320001
37 Zamfara State 14 860211