Matrouh Postal Code (Zip Code)


Matrouh Postal Code (Zip Code) is a five (5) digits numbers which is recognized and approved by Egypt Post. “Egypt Post” (Egyptian Arabic: البريد المصرى El-Barid el-Maṣri) is the governmental agency responsible for postal service in Egypt. Established in 1865, it is one of the oldest governmental institutions in the country today.

Matrouh is one of the twenty-seven (27) Governorates (province) in Egypt. See more details about this province below.

Province Matrouh
Postal Code 51511 – 51762
Office Numbers 29
Area Code +20
Country Egypt
Region Africa

See below for complete zip code lists for Matrouh Governorate post offices in Egypt (EG).

Matrouh Governorate Zip Code (الرمز البريدي)

Office Address Postal code
Marsa Matrouh 10 Port Said Street 51511
Marsa Matrouh sub 18 Gul Jamal Street 51512
Marsa Matrouh second Flowers Building 9 / K 130 District 51513
Sunrise District حى الشروق ك ( 7) / مطروح 51514
Greek flag Science Roman Matrouh Street 51515
Palace Matrouh Palace / by strange / Matrouh 51611
Or vultures Or vultures / Matrouh wonderful 51612
Vescico Vescico / behind the local unit / Matrouh 51613
Saling Grass / Salloum International Road 51711
Sidi Barani Brani / City Council Sidi Barani next position 51712
Salloum Salloum / Salloum near police station 51713
Siwa Siwa / next to the General Hospital 51714
Of wisdom Of wisdom / next to the local unit / Matrouh 51715
Daba Daba / next to the railway station 51716
El-Hammam Matrouh El-Hammam City – Matrouh 51717
El Alamein El Alamein / next to the police station 51718
Aghurmi Aghurmi / Siwa near Central 51722
El-Hammam _ subsidiary El-Hammam City – Matrouh 51723
Village 27 sugar beet Village (27) of sugar beet 51724
Village 23 sugar beet Village 23 sugar beet 51725
Sidi Barani sub Hope District Sidi Barani Building 82 51727
Sidi Abdel Rahman Sidi Abdel Rahman / Main Street / Daba 51732
Fouka Fouka / next to FAO Agricultural Project 51744
Dignity Matrouh / Daba / local unit / K 180 51745
Alajafirh Alajafirh / Matrouh Alexandria / Daba Road 51749
Blackjack angle 51751
Porto Marina (Seasonal) 51759
Porto Golf (Seasonal) 51761
Porto Matrouh (Seasonal) 51762

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