Clarenville County ZIP Codes (Postal Code) NL


Clarenville County ZIP codes is A0C to A5A. This County is located in the Newfoundland and Labrador province, Canada, North America.

Name Clarenville County
Postal Code A0C, A0E, A0G, A0K, A5A
Province Newfoundland and Labrador (NL)
Country Canada
Continent North America

For more details on the list of Postal codes or ZIP codes in Clarenville County, find the code along with the place.

ZIP Code for Clarenville County, NL

Place Postcode County
Badgers Quay A0G 0E1, A0G 1B0 Clarenville
Bloomfield A0C 0A5, A0C 1A0 Clarenville
Bonavista A0C 1B0, A0C 0A6 Clarenville
Brookfield A0G 1J0 Clarenville
Bunyans Cove A0C 0A1, A0C 1E0 Clarenville
Burgoynes Cove A0C 1G0 Clarenville
Burnside A0G 1K0 Clarenville
Cannings Cove A0C 1H0 Clarenville
Cape Freels North A0G 0E3, A0G 1M0 Clarenville
Catalina A0C 0C3, A0C 1J0 Clarenville
Charleston A0C 1K0 Clarenville
Charlottetown A0C 0B4, A0C 1L0 Clarenville
Clarenville A5A Clarenville
Dover A0G 0E4, A0G 1X0 Clarenville
Duntara A0C 1M0 Clarenville
Eastport A0G 0A3, A0G 1Z0 Clarenville
Elliston A0C 0A7, A0C 1N0 Clarenville
Gambo A0G 0H8, A0G 1T0 Clarenville
Gambo South A0G 0H2, A0G 2E0 Clarenville
Georges Brook-Milton A5A Clarenville
Glovertown A0G Clarenville
Glovertown South A0G 0A8, A0G 2M0 Clarenville
Gooseberry Cove A0E 1V0, A0E 0C2 Clarenville
Greenspond A0G 0H3, A0G 2N0 Clarenville
Hare Bay Bb A0G 0A4, A0G 2P0 Clarenville
Hickmans Harbour A0C 0B6, A0C 1P0 Clarenville
Hillview A0E Clarenville
Hodges Cove A0E 0B8, A0E 2B0 Clarenville
Indian Bay Bb A0G 0A5, A0G 2V0 Clarenville
Keels A0C 0C9, A0C 1R0 Clarenville
Kings Cove A0C 0C2, A0C 1S0 Clarenville
Knights Cove A0C 0A8, A0C 1T0 Clarenville
Lethbridge A0C 0B7, A0C 1V0 Clarenville
Little Catalina A0C 0C1, A0C 1W0 Clarenville
Little Hearts Ease A0E 2K0 Clarenville
Melrose A0C 0B3, A0C 1Y0 Clarenville
Musgravetown A0C 0C7, A0C 1Z0 Clarenville
Newmans Cove A0C 0A2, A0C 2A0, A0C 2A0 Clarenville
Newtown A0G 0J7, A0G 3L0 Clarenville
North West Brook A0E 2P0 Clarenville
Open Hall A0C 2B0, A0C 0C8 Clarenville
Plate Cove East A0C 0B9, A0C 2C0 Clarenville
Plate Cove West A0C 0A3, A0C 2E0 Clarenville
Pools Island A0G 3P0 Clarenville
Port Blandford A0C 0C6, A0C 2G0 Clarenville
Port Rexton A0C 0C4, A0C 2H0 Clarenville
Port Union A0C 0A4, A0C 2J0 Clarenville
Princeton A0C 0B2, A0C 2K0 Clarenville
Saint Brendans A0G 0E8, A0G 3V0 Clarenville
Saint Chads A0G 0C6, A0G 3W0 Clarenville
Salvage A0G 0J2, A0G 3X0 Clarenville
Sandringham A0G 0E9, A0G 3Y0 Clarenville
Sandy Cove A0K 0C2, A0K 5C0 Clarenville
Shalloway Cove A0G 4A0 Clarenville
Southern Bay A0C 0C5, A0C 2M0 Clarenville
Summerville A0C 0B5, A0C 2N0 Clarenville
Sweet Bay A0C 0A9, A0C 2P0 Clarenville
Templeman A0G 0H6, A0G 4G0 Clarenville
Tickle Cove A0C 0B8, A0C 2R0 Clarenville
Traytown A0G 0J9, A0G 4K0 Clarenville
Trinity A0C 0B1, A0C 2S0 Clarenville
Trinity Bb A0G 0C5, A0G 4L0 Clarenville
Wareham-Centreville A0G 0B9, A0G 4P0 Clarenville
Wesleyville A0G 0J4, A0G 4R0 Clarenville

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