Canada Postal Code (Zip Code List)


Canada Postal Code (Zip Code List) is a 6 alphanumeric characters which is usually a combination of three letters and three digits that ranges from AoA oAo to Y1A 9Z9.

On this page, we will be providing you the correct zip codes for states and provinces in Canada inclusive other regions as you expand the major provinces. In the mean time, see below for the overview of Canada Postal/Zip Code.

Name Canada
Postal Code A0A 0A0 – Y1A 9Z9
Calling Code +1
Capital Ottawa
Region North America

For a more detailed zip code database, see below for the correct zip codes for all provinces in Canada as well as their capital cities.

Postal Code for Canada (Zip Code)

ABBR. Province Postcode Capital
AB Alberta T0A – T9X Edmonton
BC British Columbia V0A – V9Z Victoria
MB Manitoba R0A – R8N Winnipeg
NB New Brunswick E1A – E9H Fredericton
NL Newfoundland and Labrador A0A – A8A St. John’s
NT Northwest Territories X0E – X1A Yellowknife
NS Nova Scotia B0C – B9A Halifax
NU Nunavut X0A – X0C Iqaluit
ON Ontario K0A – R5J Toronto
PE Prince Edward Island C0A – C1N Charlottetown
QC Quebec G0A – J9Z Quebec City
SK Saskatchewan R5K – S9X Regina
YT Yukon Y0A – Y1A Whitehorse

Zip Code for Canada (CA) – Canada Postcode (Latest Update 2023)

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