Benue State Postal Code (Zip Code List) 2024


Benue State Postal/Zip Codes is 970001 – 982112. Code number 970001 as the code for the NIPOST Headquarters. This state is located in North Central Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria.

Here, you will discover the correct postal code of all local government areas of Benue State Nigeria. Not just that, you can tab on any of the local government area to be taken to the complete list of towns, villages and districts within the local government.

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Towns in Benue State and their Nigerian Zip/Postal Codes

Ado Region, Benue State postal code

  • Agila — 973109
  • Atonkon — 973110
  • Igumale — 973107
  • Ulayi — 973108

Agatu Region postal code — 972108

All the locations within Agatu Local Government Area (LGA) of Benue State, Nigeria, use 972108 as their postal code.

Apa Region postal code — 972107

All the locations within Apa Local Government Area (LGA) of Benue State, Nigeria, use 972107.

Gboko Region, Benue State postal code

  • Gboko Town — 981101
  • Yandev  — 981102

Buruku Region postal code

See the table below for towns within Buruku LGA and their postal codes.

Location Postcode
Buruku towns 981105
Abwa 981108
 Adi Village 981103
Agwabi 981108
Abakwa 981108
Tyowanye 981107

Guma Region

  • Mbaawa — 970102
  • Mbabai — 970103
  • Mbagwen — 970105
  • Mbasaan — 970104
  • Uyiev — 970106

Gwer East & West Region Zip Codes

  • Ingohov — 971101
  • Mbakpa — 971104
  • Njiriv — 971102
  • Raav — 971103
  • Yonov — 971105

Logo Region Zip Codes

  • Gaambe-Ya — 980102
  • Gaambe-Tiev — 980107
  • Kpav — 980103
  • Kyuran-Tev — 980101
  • Mbaterem — 980109
  • Ngenev — 980106
  • Tongov — 980104
  • Torov — 980110
  • Ucha — 980108
  • Ugondo — 980105

Makurdi Town postal code

  • Makurdi Rural (Village) — 970101
  • Makurdi Town — See the table below for locations in Makurdi Town an their postal codes.
Location Postcode
G.R.A 970211
Army Barracks 970212
Federal Housing Area 970213
High Level Ass. Village 970221
Wurukum 970222
Unijos Campis 970231
Hudco Quarters 970251
Wadata 970261
Kokoroo 972211
General Hospital 972221
Sabon Gari 972251
Eupi 972261
Eupi-New Layout 972261
Federal Low 972281

Obi & Oju Region Zip Codes

  • Igede — 971106
  • Ito — 971108
  • Uwokwu — 971107

Otukpo Region Zip Codes (Idoma Town)

  • Otukpo Village (Rural) — 972101

Otukpo town Zip Codes

Location Postcode
Ochido’s Palace 972211
Ahmadu Bello 972212
OOL 972214
Local Government Clinic 972221
Ella Market 972222
No. Cross 972223
UPU Road 972224
G.R.A 972231
Post Office 972232
Rail Way Station 972233
Ministry of Works 972241
General Hospital 972242
Rice mill 972251
Sabon Gari 972252
Ogwonogba 972261

Ogbadibo Region postal code

No information on Ogadigbo LGA of Benue State.

Ukum Region Zip Code —980001

All the location within Ukum Local Government Area (LGA) of Benue State, Nigeria, use 980001 as their postal code.

Katsina-Ala Region Zip Code — 980001

All the location within Katsina Ala Local Government Area (LGA) of Benue State, Nigeria, use 980001.

Can’t find the town you reside in from above?

Click on your exact local government from the list below to reveal your postal/zip code;

List of Local Government Areas in Benue State & Zip Codes

Post Office Locations

Office Adress City LGA
Makurdi OPP. Min. Of Works HQtrs Banks Road Makurdi Makurdi Makurdi
Aliade Opp. Gwer – East Local Govt. Secretariat, Mkd . Road Aliade Aliade Town Gwer East
Makurdi Town 15 Ali Akilu Road Mkd Makurdi Makurdi
Daudu Along Daudu – Mkd Road Daudu Daudu Guma
Mordern Market Admin. Block Modem Makurdi Makurdi Makurdi
B.S.U. Ctr. Ext. First Gate, Benue State University Makurdi Makurdi Makurdi
Uni.of Agric.Ctr Ext South Core, Uni- Agric. Makurdi Makurdi
High Level Opp. Titus West Suppermarket Rail way Bye- Pass Makurdi. Makurdi Makurdi
Otukpo No 7 Otukpo – Makurdi Road Otukpo Otukpo Makurdi
Iga -okpaya Beside the Chief Palace Iga / Okpaya Iga -okpaya Apa
Adoka Adoka – Apa Rd after Police Station Adoka Ado (Benue)
Allan-Ejor Opp. Akpa Community Sec. Sch. Alan-Ejor Oturkpo
Okpoga No. 6 Ollo Rd Ugwu Okpoga Okpoga Okpokwu
Ugbokolo No. 15 Enugu – Otukpo Rd Ugbokolo Ugbokolo Okpokwu
Oju Ost Ekpengbe Round about Oju Oju Oju
Otobi Opposite Idoma Community Sch. Otobi Otobi Oturkpo
Igumale No. 5 Egwu Market rd Igumale Igumale Okpokwu
Orokam Ejema Express way Orokam Orokam Ogbadibo
Gboko No 23 Gyado Hotel Road Gboko Town Gboko
Lessel Mbagwa Magistrate Court Rd Lessel Lessel Mbagwa Ushongo
Kastina-Alla Market Rd. K/Ala Kastina-Alla Kastina-Alla
Adikpo Jato – Aka Rd Adikpo Adikpo Kwande
Vandeikya Ukyaagu Vandeikya Vandeikya Vandeikya
Palace P.O Tor Tiv Palace Gboko Town Gboko

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