Bayelsa State Postal Code – All Locations & LGAs Zip Codes

Here, you will discover the correct postal code of all local government areas of Bayelsa State Nigeria. Not just that, you can tab on any of the local government area to be taken to the complete list of towns, villages and districts within the local government.

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Towns in Bayelsa State & their Nigerian Zip/Postal Codes

Sagbama Region postal code — 561101

All the towns, villages and streets situated within Sagbama Local Government Area (LGA) of Bayelsa State, Nigeria, use 561101.

Southern Ijaw Region, Bayelsa State postal code

  • Kolu-Ama — 560104

All the streets, towns and villages within Kolu-Ama, Southern Ijaw make use of 560104.

  • Oporoma — 560103

All the locations within Oporoma make use of 560103.

Yenagoa Region postal code

Yenagoa is the capital of Bayelsa State, it is made up of Yenagoa town and Yenagoa rural areas.

  • Yenagoa  — 569101

All the locations within the rural areas of Yenagoa make use of 569101.

  • Yenagoa town —  see the table below for Yenagoa town postal code
Location Postcode
Okakaoa 560212
Kpansiaoa 560213
Ede-Epeoa 560214
Imgbioa 560221
Swalioa 560222
Julius Berger 560223
Amarata-Epieoa 560231
Nipost Marketoa 560232
Bebelebiri 1 & 2oa 560233
Ekekioa 650211

Brass Region potal code — 562101

All the towns and villages located within Brass LGA make use of 562101.

Ekeremor Region Zip Code — 561102

All the locations within Ekeremor Local Government Area (LGA) make use of 561102.

Kolokumma Region Zip Code— 562101

All the locations within Kolokumma Local Government Area (LGA) of Bayelsa State use 562101.

Nembe Region Zip Code — 562102

All the locations within Nembe Local Government Area (LGA) use 562102.

Ogbia Region Zip Code — 562103

All the locations within Ogbia Local Government Area (LGA) of Bayelsa State 562103.

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List of Local Government Areas in Bayelsa State & Zip Codes


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