Rivers State Postal Code (Zip Code List) 2024


Rivers State Postal Code is 500001 to 512102. Port Harcourt City is the capital and largest city in the state. This state located in South South Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria.

Here, you will discover the correct postal code of all local government areas of Rivers State Nigeria. Not just that, you can tab on any of the local government area to be taken to the complete list of towns, villages and districts within the local government.

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Towns in Rivers State and their Nigerian Zip/Postal Codes

Abua-Odual postal code : 510102

All the towns and villages situated in Abua-Odual, River State, make use of 510102.

Ahoada East & West LGAs

  • Ochoma layout — 510221
  • Ahoada town — 510241
  • Port harcourt Rd. — 510242
  • Mbiama Rd. — 510251
  • Igwa layout — 510281
  • Alo-mini — 510211
  • Other location within Ahoada East & West LGAs — 510101

Port Harcourt postal code

  • Diobu mile 1 — 500262
  • Old G.R.A — 500241
  • Diobu mile 2 — 500263
  • Old Township — 500242
  • Eagle island rumueme/Oroakwo — 500262
  • D -line — 500261
  • Amadi flat — 500251
  • Bori kiri — 500244
  • Diobu mile 3 — 500264
  • New layout — 500243
  • Diobu mile 4 — 500265
  • Rumukrueshi — 500211
  • Magbuoba — 500271
  • Rumuokwuta — 500272
  • New G.R.A — 500271
  • Ikwerre — 500272
  • Port Harcourt rural areas — 500101

Akuru Toru postal code: 504103

Location Postcode
Abissa 504103
Abonnema 504103
Elem Sangama 504103
Idama 504103
Kula 504103
Obonoma 504103
Oru-Sangama 504103
Soku 504103

Andoni : 503102

All the towns and villages situated in Andoni LGA make use of 503102.

Asari Toru : 504101

All the towns and villages situated in Asari Toru LGA make use of 504101.

Bonny: 503101

All the towns and villages situated in Bonny LGA make use of 503101.

Degema : 504102

All the towns and villages situated in Degema LGA make use of 504102.

Eleme : 501101

All the towns and villages situated in Eleme LGA make use of 501101.

Emohua : 511102

All the towns and villages situated in Emohua LGA make use of 511102.


All the towns and villages situated in Etche LGA make use of 512101.

Gokana : 501103

All the towns and villages situated in Gokana LGA make use of 501103.

Ikwerre : 511101

All the towns and villages situated in Ikwerre LGA make use of 511101.

Khana, Rivers state postal code

  • Bori — 502101
  • Khana — 502102

Obio-Akpo : 500102

All the towns and villages situated in Obio-Akpo LGA make use of 500102.


  • Ogba-Egbema — 510103
  • Ndoni — 510104

Ogu-bolo postal code: 500104

Location Postcode
Bolo 500104
Ele 500104
Ogu 500104

Okrika: 500103

All the towns and villages situated in Okrika LGA make use of 500103.

Omuma: 512102

All the towns and villages situated in Omuma LGA make use of 512102.

Opobo-Nkoro : 503103

All the towns and villages situated in Opobo-Nkoro LGA make use of 503103.


  • Ndoki — 502104
  • Oyigbo — 502103

Tai: 501102

All the towns and villages situated in Tai LGA make use of501102.

Can’t find the town you reside in from above?

Click on your exact local government from the list below to reveal your postal/zip code;

List of Local Government Areas in Rivers State

Post Office Locations

Office Address City LGA
Abonnema 80 Georgewill Comp. Abonnema Kalabari Akuku Toru
Abua Ayama, Abua Abua Odual Abua/Odual
Aggrey Road No 119 Aggrey Road Phc Port Harcourt Port – Harcourt
Bakana School Road Bakana Bakana Degema
Bodo Bodo Town Bodo Gokana
Bonny 27 King Williams Dappa Rd Bonny Ibani Bonny Bonny
Bori Camp Bori Camp, aba Road Bori Camp Obia/ Akpor
Bori 13 Hospital Road, Bori Bori Khana
Buguma 95 King Amachree Road. Buguma Buguma Akuku Toru
Coll. of Art & Science Rumuola Road, Port Harcourt Rumuola Obia/ Akpor
Degema Degema (Temporary Closed) Degema Degema
Diobu 56 Ikwerre Rd. Mile 1 Diobu Port Harcourt Port Harcourt Port – Harcourt
Elele Elele Round About Elele Ikwerre
Fed Secretariat Aba road Portharcout Portharcourt Obia/ Akpor
Nchia Eleme 6 Obonwanke Nchia Eleme Nchia Eleme Khana
Okehi Umukboak Okehi 2 Okehi Etche
Okrika Nberisima Street, Okrika Town Okrika Okrika
Opobo Opposite Brown’s Compound, Opobo Town Opobo Southern Jaw
Phc Inter.Airport International Airport Phc Omagwa Obia/ Akpor
Port Harcourt No 10 Station road PHC Port Harcourt Port – Harcourt
Trans Amadi Plot 280 Trans Amadi Industrial Layout Ph Port Harcourt Obia/ Akpor
UNIPORT Uniport Choba Campus PHC Choba Obia/ Akpor
University of Education Iwofe Road Universty Premises, Rumuolumeni Rumuolumeni Town Obia/ Akpor
UST UST Main Campus Port Harcout UST Campus PHC Obia/ Akpor
Woji Post Office Street, Woji Woji Port Harcourt Obia/ Akpor

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