Makurdi Postal Code | Markurdi LGA Postal/Zip Code

Good day, you will discover the correct Makurdi Postal Code | Markurdi LGA Postal/Zip Code of Benue State Nigeria.

Good day, here we have a tables showing you all postal codes of Makurdi local government area of Benue State. It sure should be an all in one guide to help you discover your current zip code of other regions in Makurdi.

What we have here is all you need in relation to using the service of the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) to have an item delivered to your location. You can also use this information while shopping online as your delivery address.

Our Makurdi Postal Code (Makurdi Postcodes) table shows zip/postal codes of all the towns and areas situated in Makurdi, a region in Benue State.

This list is grouped alphabetically for easy navigation and discovery of your area’s postal code around Makurdi municipal.

See below for all Makurdi Postal Codes.

Makurdi Rural (Village)

Location Postcode
Tyodugh 970101
Tyonambe 970101
Ubebe 970101
Uve 970101
Wamkor 970101
Yaiko 970101
Zongo 970101
Adaka 970101
Beetseh 970101
Tsuwa 970101
Adeke 970101
Bogo 970101
Agam 970101
Chekwar 970101
Agbadu 970101
Eya 970101
Agbeshir 970101
Ibume 970101
Agenada 970101
Ikan 970101
Akaan 970101
Isuahba 970101
Aki 970101
Iwa 970101
Akigwe 970101
Kachi 970101
Akpehe 970101
Kansihio 970101
Akume 970101
Nyam Sando 970101
Alla 970101
Nyirgir-Makurdi 970101
Anter 970101
Ongbo 970101
Apir 970101
Tatyough 970101
Arawa 970101
Toighor 970101
Azuu 970101
Tsuambu 970101

Makurdi Town Zip Codes (Wurukum, High Level)

Location Postcode
G.R.A 970211
72 Army Barracks & NASME Army Baracks 970212
Federal Housing Area 970213
High Level Ass. Village 970221
Wurukum 970222
Unijos Campis 970231
Hudco Quarters 970251
Wadata 970261
Kokoroo 972211
General Hospital 972221
Sabon Gari 972251
Eupi 972261
Eupi-New Layout 972261
Federal Low 972281

North Bank Postal Code

  • North Bank Postal/Zip Code is 972212

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