Maigatari Postal Code (Maigatari LGA Postal/Zip Code)

Hello there! Welcome to NairaPostalCode, a leading postal code directory in Nigeria. You will discover the correct Maigatari Postal Code (Maigatari LGA Postal/Zip Code) of Jigawa State Nigeria (all streets, areas, district and towns) as you proceed further.

Good day and welcome to NairaPostalCode, here we have a tables showing you all postal codes of Maigatari local government area of Jigawa State. It sure should be an all in one guide to help you discover your current zip code of other regions in Maigatari.

What we have here is all you need in relation to using the service of the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) to have an item delivered to your location. You can also use this information while shopping online as your delivery address.

Our Maigatari Postal Code (Maigatari Postcodes) table shows zip/postal codes of all the towns and areas situated in Maigatari (an area/region in Jigawa State). Also note that Postal Code and Zip Codes means same thing, people often have these confussion when they are been asked to provide correct zip code for their location while they only know of their postal code.

This list is grouped alphabetically for easy navigation and discovery of your area’s postal code around Maigatari municipal/Local government area.

See below for all Maigatari Postal Codes for Jigawa State, Nigeria.

Maigatari Zip/Postal Codes

Location Postcode
Kukayasku 732105
Madana 732105
Maigatari 732105
Matoya 732105
Turbus 732105
Balarabe 732105
Bansuwa 732105
Dankumbo 732105
Fulata 732105
Galadi 732105
Garmka 732105
Jajeri 732105
Katika 732105

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