Edmonton Region ZIP Codes (Postal Code) Alberta


Edmonton Region ZIP codes is T0A to T9G. This region is located in the Alberta province, Canada, North America.

Name Edmonton Metropolitan Region (EMR)
Postal Code T0A – T9G
Province Alberta (AB)
Country Canada
Continent North America

For more details on the list of Postal codes or ZIP codes in Edmonton Region, find the code along with the place.

ZIP Code for Edmonton Region, AB

Place Postcode Region
Acheson T7X Edmonton
Alcomdale T0G 0A0 Edmonton
Alder Flats T0C 0A0, T0C 0A7 Edmonton
Alsike T0C 0C0 Edmonton
Ardrossan T8E, T8G Edmonton
Beaumont T4X Edmonton
Bon Accord T0A 0A9, T0A 0K0 Edmonton
Brazeau County T7A 0C1 Edmonton
Breton T0C 0B8, T0C 0P0 Edmonton
Buck Creek T0C 0S0 Edmonton
Buck Lake T0C 0E1, T0C 0T0 Edmonton
Calahoo T0G 0J0, T0G 0A1 Edmonton
Calmar T0C 0B7, T0C 0V0 Edmonton
Carnwood T0C 0W0 Edmonton
Carvel T0E, T7Y Edmonton
Cooking Lake T8E 0A5 Edmonton
Cynthia T0E 0K0 Edmonton
Devon T9G Edmonton
Drayton Valley T7A Edmonton
Duffield T0E 0A3, T0E 0N0 Edmonton
Edmonton T2G – T6X Edmonton
Edmonton International Airport T9E Edmonton
Entwistle T0E 0A9, T0E 0S0 Edmonton
Fallis T0E 0B5, T0E 0V0 Edmonton
Falun T0C 1H0 Edmonton
Fort Saskatchewan T8L Edmonton
Gainford T0E 0W0 Edmonton
Gibbons T0A, T0G Edmonton
Gwynne T0C 1L0 Edmonton
Kapasiwin T0E 2Y0 Edmonton
Lancaster Park T0A 2H0, T0A 0C1 Edmonton
Leduc T9E Edmonton
Leduc County T0B, T0C, T4X, T9G Edmonton
Legal T0G Edmonton
Lindale T0C 1W0 Edmonton
Lodgepole T0E 0B4, T0E 1K0 Edmonton
Ma-Me-O Beach T0C 1X0 Edmonton
MD of Greenview T8W 0L7 Edmonton
Millet T0C 0A4, T0C 1Z0 Edmonton
Morinville T8R Edmonton
Mulhurst Bay T0C 0A5, T0C 2C0 Edmonton
Namao T0A 2N0 Edmonton
New Sarepta T0B 3M0, T0B 0G2 Edmonton
Nisku T9E Edmonton
Parkland County T0E, T7X, T7Y, T7Z Edmonton
Redwater T0A 2W1, T0A 0E6, T0A 2W0 Edmonton
Riviere Qui Barre T0G 1Y0 Edmonton
Rocky Rapids T0E 1Z0 Edmonton
Rolly View T0C 0C8, T4X 0Y1, T0C 2K0 Edmonton
Saint Albert T8N Edmonton
Seba Beach T0E 0B9, T0E 2B0 Edmonton
Sherwood Park T8A, T8B, T8C, T8E, T8G, T8H Edmonton
Spring Lake T7Z Edmonton
Spruce Grove T7X, T7Y Edmonton
Stony Plain T7Z Edmonton
Sturgeon County T0A, T0G, T8L, T8N, T8R, T8T Edmonton
Sunnybrook T0C 0B1, T0C 2M0 Edmonton
Thorsby T0C 0C5, T0C 2P0 Edmonton
Tomahawk T0E 2H0, T0E 0C1 Edmonton
Wabamun T0E 0A4, T0E 2K1, T0E 2K0 Edmonton
Warburg T0C Edmonton
Westerose T0C Edmonton
Wetaskiwin T9A Edmonton
Winfield T0C 2X0, T0C 0B4 Edmonton

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