Kenora District ZIP Codes (Postal Code) Ontario


Kenora District ZIP codes is P0L to R5J. This district is located in the Ontario province, Canada, North America.

Name Kenora District
Postal Code P0L, P0T, P0V, P0X, P0Y, P8N, P8T, P9N, R5J
Province Ontario (ON)
Country Canada
Continent North America

For more details on the list of Postal codes or ZIP codes in Kenora District, find the code along with the place.

ZIP Code for Kenora District, ON

Place Postcode District
Angling Lake P0V 0C2, P0V 1B0 Kenora
Attawapiskat P0L 1A0, P0L 0A7 Kenora
Balmertown P0V 0A4, P0V 1C0 Kenora
Bearskin Lake P0V 1E0 Kenora
Big Trout Lake P0V 1G0 Kenora
Cat Lake P0V 0C7, P0V 1J0 Kenora
Clearwater Bay P0X 1S0 Kenora
Cochenour P0V 1L0 Kenora
Collins P0T, P0V Kenora
Dalles P9N 0J2 Kenora
Deer Lake P0V 1N0, P0V 0C1 Kenora
Dinorwic P0V 1P0 Kenora
Dryden P8N Kenora
Eabamet Lake P0T 1L0, P0T 0B1 Kenora
Eagle River P0V 0A8, P0V 1S0 Kenora
Ear Falls P0V 1T0, P0V 0A2 Kenora
Fort Severn P0V 1W0, P0V 0B8 Kenora
Grassy Narrows P0X 0A5, P0X 1B0 Kenora
Hudson P0V 0B2, P0V 1X0 Kenora
Ignace P0T 0A5, P0T 1T0 Kenora
Ingolf P0Y 1A0 Kenora
Kasabonika P0V 1Y0, P0V 0A1 Kenora
Kashechewan P0L 0B4, P0L 1S0 Kenora
Keewatin P0X Kenora
Keewaywin P0V 3G0, P0V 0B1 Kenora
Kejick P0X 1E0 Kenora
Kenora P9N Kenora
Kingfisher Lake P0V 1Z0 Kenora
Lac Seul P0V 2A0 Kenora
Lansdowne House P0T 0B2, P0T 1Z0 Kenora
Longbow Lake P0X 0A3, P0X 1H0 Kenora
Madsen P0V 2C0 Kenora
McKenzie Island P0V 2B0 Kenora
Migisi Sahgaigan P0V 3H0 Kenora
Minaki P0X 1J0 Kenora
Minnitaki P0V 2E0 Kenora
Muskrat Dam P0V 3B0, P0V 0B4 Kenora
Nestor Falls P0X 0A2, P0X 1K0 Kenora
North Spirit Lake P0V 2G0 Kenora
Ogoki P0T 2L0 Kenora
Osnaburgh House P0V 2H0 Kenora
Oxdrift P0V 2J0, P0V 0C6 Kenora
Pawitik P0X 1L0, P0X 0A6 Kenora
Peawanuck P0L 2H0 Kenora
Perrault Falls P0V 0B7, P0V 2K0 Kenora
Pickle Lake P0V 0A6, P0V 3A0 Kenora
Pikangikum P0V 0B9, P0V 2L0 Kenora
Poplar Hill P0V 3E0, P0V 0C5 Kenora
Red Lake P0V 2M0, P0V 0B3 Kenora
Redditt P0X 1M0 Kenora
Ross R5J Kenora
Sachigo Lake P0V 2P0, P0V 0C3 Kenora
Sandy Lake P0V 1V0, P0V 0A7 Kenora
Savant Lake P0V 0B6, P0V 2S0 Kenora
Sioux Lookout P8T Kenora
Sioux Narrows P0X 1N0, P0X 0A4 Kenora
Slate Falls P0V 3C0 Kenora
Summer Beaver P0T 3B0, P0T 0A1 Kenora
Vermilion Bay P0V Kenora
Wabigoon P0V 2W0 Kenora
Waldhof P0V 0A9, P0V 2X0 Kenora
Weagamow Lake P0V 0A3, P0V 2Y0 Kenora
Webequie P0T 3A0, P0T 0C7 Kenora
Whitedog P0X 1P0 Kenora
Wunnumin Lake P0V 2Z0, P0V 0C4 Kenora

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