Lethbridge County ZIP Codes (Postal Code) Alberta


Lethbridge County ZIP codes is T0J to T1R. This county is located in the Alberta province, Canada, North America.

Name Lethbridge County
Postal Code T0J, T0K, T0l, T1G, T1H, T1J, T1K, T1M, T1R
Province Alberta (AB)
Country Canada
Continent North America

For more details on the list of Postal codes or ZIP codes in Lethbridge County, find the code along with the place.

ZIP Code for Lethbridge County, AB

Place Postcode County
Barnwell T0K 0C1, T0K 0B0 Lethbridge
Barons T0L 0G0, T0L 0C1 Lethbridge
Bassano T0J 0B0, T0J 0E1 Lethbridge
Brooks T1R Lethbridge
Coaldale T1M Lethbridge
Coalhurst T0L Lethbridge
Coutts T0K 0N0, T0K 0A2 Lethbridge
Cranford T0K 0R0 Lethbridge
Diamond City T0K 0T0 Lethbridge
Duchess T0J 0Z0, T0J 0A1 Lethbridge
Enchant T0K 0V0 Lethbridge
Gem T0J 1M0 Lethbridge
Grassy Lake T0K 0Z0 Lethbridge
Hays T0K 1B0 Lethbridge
Iron Springs T0K 1G0 Lethbridge
Lake Newell Resort T1R Lethbridge
Lethbridge T1H, T1J, T1K Lethbridge
Lethbridge County T1J, T1K Lethbridge
Milk River T0K 0B1, T0K 1M0 Lethbridge
Millicent T0J 2A0 Lethbridge
Monarch T0L 1M0, T0L 0B1 Lethbridge
New Dayton T0K 0C8, T0K 1P0 Lethbridge
Nobleford T0L 1S0, T0L 0A3 Lethbridge
Patricia T0J 2K0 Lethbridge
Picture Butte T0K 0C7, T0K 1V0 Lethbridge
Purple Springs T0K 1X0 Lethbridge
Rainier T0J 2M0 Lethbridge
Raymond T0K 0B2, T0K 2S0 Lethbridge
Rolling Hills T0J 0A4, T0J 2S0 Lethbridge
Rosemary T0J 0B5, T0J 2W0 Lethbridge
Scandia T0J 2Z0 Lethbridge
Shaughnessy T0K 2A0 Lethbridge
Stirling T0K 0A8, T0K 2E0 Lethbridge
Taber T1G Lethbridge
Tilley T0J 3K0, T0J 0C3 Lethbridge
Turin T0K 0E4, T0K 2H0 Lethbridge
Vauxhall T0K 0C2, T0K 2K0 Lethbridge
Warner T0K 0A4, T0K 2L0 Lethbridge
Wrentham T0K 2P0 Lethbridge

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