Northumberland ZIP Codes (Postal Code) New Brunswick


Northumberland ZIP codes is E1N to E9H. This County is located in the New Brunswick province, Canada, North America.

Name Northumberland
Postal Code E1N, E1V, E2S, E4Y, E5C, E6A, E6C, E9A, E9B, E9C, E9E, E9G, E9H
Province New Brunswick (NB)
Country Canada
Continent North America

For more details on the list of Postal codes or ZIP codes in Northumberland, find the code along with the place.

ZIP Code for Northumberland, NB

Place Postcode County
Allainville E9G Northumberland
Arbeau Settlement E9B Northumberland
Astle E6A Northumberland
Baie-Sainte-Anne E9A Northumberland
Barnaby E1N Northumberland
Barnettville E9B Northumberland
Barryville E9G Northumberland
Bartholomew E9B 1K1, E9B 1K3 Northumberland
Bartibog E1V Northumberland
Bartibog Bridge E1V Northumberland
Bay du Vin E1N Northumberland
Beaverbrook E1V Northumberland
Bellefond E1V Northumberland
Bettsburg E9C Northumberland
Big Hole E9E Northumberland
Black River E2S Northumberland
Black River Bridge E1N Northumberland
Blackville E9B Northumberland
Blissfield E9C Northumberland
Bloomfield Ridge E6A Northumberland
Boiestown E6A Northumberland
Boom Road E9E Northumberland
Brantville E9H Northumberland
Breadalbane E5C Northumberland
Bryenton E1V Northumberland
Burnt Church E9G Northumberland
Burnt Church First Nation E9G Northumberland
Cains River E9B Northumberland
Caissie Road E9G Northumberland
Carrolls Crossing E9C Northumberland
Cassilis E9E Northumberland
Chaplin Island Road E1V Northumberland
Chelmsford E9E Northumberland
Collette E4Y Northumberland
Curventon E9E 1M1, E9E 1M2 Northumberland
Derby E1V Northumberland
Derby Junction E1V Northumberland
Doaktown E9C Northumberland
Doyles Brook E9E Northumberland
Eel Ground E1V Northumberland
Escuminac E9A Northumberland
Exmoor E9E Northumberland
Fairisle E9G Northumberland
Gardiner Point E1N Northumberland
Glenwood E1N, E8B Northumberland
Grand Lake Road E9C Northumberland
Gray Rapids E9B Northumberland
Halcomb E9E Northumberland
Hardwicke E9A Northumberland
Haut-Rivière-du-Portage E9H Northumberland
Hayesville E6A Northumberland
Hazelton E9C Northumberland
Hilltop E9E Northumberland
Holtville E6A Northumberland
Howard E9B Northumberland
Keenans E9B Northumberland
Lagacéville E9G Northumberland
Lavillette E9G Northumberland
Little Bartibog E1V 6L9, E1V 6M1 Northumberland
Lockstead E9B Northumberland
Lower Derby E1V Northumberland
Lower Newcastle E1V Northumberland
Ludlow E9C Northumberland
Lyttleton E9E Northumberland
Maple Glen E1V Northumberland
Matthews Settlement E9E Northumberland
McGivney E6C Northumberland
McKinleyville E9E Northumberland
McNamee E9C Northumberland
Millerton E1V Northumberland
Miramichi E1N, E1V Northumberland
Miramichi Bay E1N Northumberland
Murray Settlement E4Y Northumberland
Napan E1N Northumberland
Néguac E9G Northumberland
Nelson Hollow E9C Northumberland
New Bandon Northumb Co E9C Northumberland
New Jersey E9G Northumberland
Oak Point E1V Northumberland
Parker Ridge E6A Northumberland
Parker Road E1V Northumberland
Pineville E9E Northumberland
Porter Cove E9C Northumberland
Priceville E9C Northumberland
Quarryville E9E Northumberland
Red Bank E9E Northumberland
Red Bank Reserve E9E Northumberland
Redmondville E1N 5C6, E1N 5C7 Northumberland
Renous E9E Northumberland
Rivière-du-Portage E9H Northumberland
Robichaud Settlement E9G Northumberland
Rogersville E4Y Northumberland
Rosaireville E4Y Northumberland
Russellville E1V Northumberland
Saint Margarets E1N Northumberland
Saint-Wilfred E9G Northumberland
Sevogle E9E Northumberland
Sillikers E9E Northumberland
Smith Crossing E9B Northumberland
South Esk E1V Northumberland
South Nelson E1N Northumberland
Storeytown E9C Northumberland
Strathadam E1V Northumberland
Stymiest E9G Northumberland
Sunny Corner E9E Northumberland
Tabusintac E9H Northumberland
Taxis River E6A Northumberland
Trout Brook E9E Northumberland
Upper Blackville E9B Northumberland
Upper Derby E9E Northumberland
Village-Saint-Laurent E9G Northumberland
Warwick Settlement E9E Northumberland
Wayerton E9E Northumberland
Weaver Siding E9C Northumberland
White Rapids E9B Northumberland
Whitney E1V Northumberland
Williamstown E1V Northumberland

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