Queens ZIP Codes (Postal Code) Prince Edward Island


Queens ZIP codes is C0A to C1E. This county is located in the Prince Edward Island province, Canada, North America.

Name Queens County
Postal Code C0A, C1A, C1B, C1C, C1E
Province Prince Edward IslandĀ (PE)
Country Canada
Continent North America

For more details on the list of Postal codes or ZIP codes in Queens, find the code along with the place.

ZIP Code for Queens, PE

Place Postcode County
Alexandra C1B Queens
Argyle Shore C0A 1H7 Queens
Auburn C1B Queens
Belfast C0A Queens
Belle River C0A Queens
Bethel C1B Queens
Bonshaw C0A Queens
Brackley C1E Queens
Brackley Beach C1E Queens
Breadalbane C0A 1E0 Queens
Bunbury C1B Queens
Canoe Cove C0A Queens
Charlottetown C1A, C1B, C1C, C1E Queens
Clyde River C0A Queens
Cornwall C0A Queens
Crapaud C0A Queens
Cumberland C0A 1H2 Queens
Donagh C1B Queens
Dunstaffnage C1C Queens
Ebenezer C1E Queens
Elmwood C0A 1H3 Queens
Fairview C0A 1H2 Queens
Fort Augustus C1B Queens
Frenchfort C1C Queens
Glenfinnan C1B Queens
Green Gables C0A 0B9, C0A 1M0 Queens
Harrington C1E Queens
Hazelbrook C1B Queens
Hermitage C1B 3R1 Queens
Hunter River C0A Queens
Johnstons River C1B Queens
Kingston C0A Queens
Lake Verde C1B Queens
Long Creek C0A Queens
Marshfield C1C Queens
Meadowbank C0A Queens
Mermaid C1B Queens
Milton Station C1E Queens
Mount Albion C1B Queens
Mount Herbert C1B Queens
Mount Mellick C1B Queens
Mount Stewart C0A Queens
New Argyle C0A 1H7 Queens
New Dominion C0A 1H6 Queens
New Glasgow C0A 1N0 Queens
New Haven C0A 1H3 Queens
Nine Mile Creek C0A Queens
North Milton C1E Queens
North Rustico C0A 0A7, C0A 1N0, C0A 1X0 Queens
North Wiltshire C0A Queens
North Winsloe C1E Queens
Oyster Bed Bridge C1E Queens
Pisquid West C1B Queens
Pownal C1B Queens
Rice Point C0A 1H6 Queens
Rocky Point C0A 1H2 Queens
South Winsloe C1E Queens
Springvale C1E Queens
Stratford C1B Queens
Suffolk C1C Queens
Tarantum C1B Queens
Union Road C1E Queens
Vernon Bridge C0A Queens
Victoria C0A 2G0 Queens
Village Green C1B Queens
Warren Grove C0A, C1E Queens
Waterside C1B Queens
Websters Corner C1B Queens
Wheatley River C1E Queens
York C0A Queens

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