York County ZIP Codes (Postal Code) New Brunswick


York County ZIP codes is E3A to E7N. This County is located in the New Brunswick province, Canada, North America.

Name York County
Postal Code E3A, E3B, E3C, E3E, E3G, E6B, E6C, E6E, E6G, E6H, E6J, E6K, E6L, E7L, E7N
Province New Brunswick (NB)
Country Canada
Continent North America

For more details on the list of Postal codes or ZIP codes in York County, find the code along with the place.

ZIP Code for York County, NB

Place Postcode County
Allandale E6G 0A5 York
Barony E6G York
Bear Island E6L York
Beaver Dam E3B York
Birdton E3G York
Brewers Mill E6E 2H2, E6E 1V8, E6E 1V9 York
Brockway E6K York
Bull Lake E7N York
Burpee E3A York
Burtts Corner E6L York
Campbell Settlement E6G York
Canterbury E6H York
Cardigan E6B York
Central Hainesville E6E York
Central Waterville E6G York
Charlie Lake E6H York
Charters Settlement E3C York
Clarkville E6E York
Cross Creek E6B York
Currieburg E6B York
Dead Creek E6H York
Deersdale E7L 1W5 York
Dorrington Hill E6H 1A1, E6H 1A4, E6H 1A9 York
Douglas E3G York
Dow Settlement E6H York
Dumfries E6G York
Durham Bridge E6C York
Eel River Lake E6H York
English Settlement E6B York
Estey’s Bridge E3G York
Forest City E6H York
Fosterville E6H York
Fredericksburg E6B York
Fredericton E3A, E3B, E3C, E3E, E3G York
French Village-York E3E York
Giants Glen E6B York
Green Hill E6B York
Green Mountain E6H York
Greenhill Lake E6E York
Hamtown Corner E3G York
Hanwell E3C, E3E York
Hartfield E6G York
Hartin Settlement E6H York
Harvey (York Co) E6K York
Harvey Station E6K York
Hawkins Corner E6E York
Hawkshaw E6G York
Howland Ridge E6E York
Island View E3E York
Jewetts Mills E6L 1M2, E6L 1M3 York
Johnson Settlement (York Co) E6H York
Keswick E6L York
Keswick Ridge E6L York
Killarney Road E3A, E3G York
Kings Landing Historical Settl E6K 3W3 York
Kingsclear First Nation E3E York
Kingsley E3G York
Lake George E6K York
Limekiln E6B York
Lincoln E3B York
Lower Hainesville E6E York
Lower Kingsclear E3E York
Lower Queensbury E6L York
Mactaquac E6L York
Maple Grove E6B York
Maple Ridge E6E York
Maplewood E6E York
Marne E6H York
Maxwell E7N York
Mazerolle Settlement E3E York
McAdam E6J York
McLaggan Bridge E6B 2K7, E6B 2K9, E6B 2K8 York
McLeod Hill E3G York
Meductic E6H York
Middle Hainesville E6E York
Millville E6E York
Mount Hope E3A York
Nackawic E6G York
Napadogan E6B York
Nashwaak Bridge E6C York
Nashwaak Village E6C York
Nasonworth E3B, E3C York
New Market E6K York
New Maryland E3C York
North Lake E6H York
North Tay E6B York
Nortondale E6E York
Pemberton Ridge E6H York
Penniac E3A York
Prince William E6K York
Red Rock E6B York
Richibucto Road E3A York
Ritchie E6H York
Rossville E6G York
Royal Road E3G York
Saint Croix E6J York
Scotch Lake E6L York
Scotch Settlement (York Co) E6L York
Scott Siding E6H York
Skiff Lake E6H York
Smithfield E6K York
Southampton E6G York
Springfield (York Co) E6E York
Stanley E6B York
Staples Settlement E6E York
Tay Creek E6B York
Tay Falls E6B 1P6, E6B 1P5, E6B 1P7 York
Taymouth E6C York
Temperance Vale E6G York
Temple E6H York
Upper Caverhill E6E York
Upper Hainesville E6E York
Upper Keswick E6L York
Upper Kingsclear E3E York
Upper Queensbury E6G York
Ward Settlement E6B York
Wiggins Mill E6E 1A1, E6E 1A4, E6E 1A3 York
Williamsburg E6B York
Woodlands E6B York
Yoho E6K York
Zealand E6L York
Zionville E6C York

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