Damietta Postal Code (Zip Code)


Damietta Postal Code (Zip Code) is a five (5) digits numbers which is recognized and approved by Egypt Post. “Egypt Post” (Egyptian Arabic: البريد المصرى El-Barid el-Maṣri) is the governmental agency responsible for postal service in Egypt. Established in 1865, it is one of the oldest governmental institutions in the country today.

Damietta is one of the twenty-seven (27) Governorates (province) in Egypt. See more details about this province below.

Province Damietta
Postal Code 34325 – 34628
Office Numbers 55
Area Code +20
Country Egypt
Region Africa

See below for complete zip code lists for Damietta Governorate post offices in Egypt (EG).

Damietta Governorate Zip Code (الرمز البريدي)

Office Address Postal code
Housing Mubarak Damietta New Damietta 34325
Damietta main Corniche / Damietta 34511
Damietta second Aloasr- Dmaat.msakn enlightening / Security Directorate 34512
Damietta fourth Baraka / Damietta lane 34513
Compound interest Damietta El Tahrir Damietta / pleasure Square 34514
Nasiriyah Faraskour Nasiriyah mosque Faraskour Center 34515
Damietta Port Port m building . 34516
Kafr Saad
New Damietta Device / New Damietta building 34517
New Damietta second Second Quarter / New Damietta 34518
Faculty of Commerce Damietta District II New Damietta Faculty of Commerce 34519
Chehabism Building 63 houses Damietta Damietta Center 34521
Annanah Within the local unit / building Damietta 34522
Services port complex Damietta Port 34524
Courts Complex Shata Shata 34525
Faraskour Alhimy- Faraskour field 34611
Kindergarten Faraskour Alrodh- Faraskour Center 34612
Hourani M . 34613
Faraskour / Alhawwarny
Aghannimih Aghannimih- Farschor.alouhdh collected 34614
Kafr Saad Housing -economic Kafr Saad 34621
A second inspection Kafr Saad Unity Almjmah- m . 34622
Kafr Saad
Kafr Suleiman Maritime Kafr Saad / Kafr Suleiman Maritime 34623
Soualem Alsoualem- Kafr Saad Center 34624
Kafr Shehata Kafr Shehata 34625
Kafr duel Kafr duel – Kafr Saad 34626
Ras The first region Foreland / u 42 Directorate 34711
Manor tower Manor tower / Damietta Center 34712
Lanceolata Alsinanah- Damietta Center / u public road 34713
Kafr Saad country Assembled unit m . 34714
Kafr Saad
Kafr watermelon M . 34715
Kafr Saadbjawar station
Mit Abu Ghalib M . 34716
Kafr Saad / Mit Abu Ghalib
Kafr jungle Kafr Saad / Kafr jungle 34717
Disbelief alwastany Local Unit Kafr Saad / Kfralostany 34718
Shatt poets Damietta Center / poets 34719
Cherbas Unity Mahlah- Faraskour / Qriacherbas 34721
Dgahlh M.alzarka / village Dgahlh 34722
Cypress Public housing Zarqa / Cypress Center 34723
Zarqa Economic housing Zarqa Center St. station 34724
Sewing Assembled unit braid M.dmaat 34725
Mitt Khouly Abdullah Nile m u . 34726
Zarqa / Corniche St.
Al Rahamnah Faraskour Center / Al Rahamnah 34727
Passenger Alrkapah- Kafr Saad Center 34728
Algwaben .farschor M / Algwaben 34729
Kafr Almiasrh Kafr Almiasrh m . 34731
Sheremsah Chermessah- Zarqa Center 34732
Saifuddin Alasalamym.alzarka compound / Saifuddin 34733
Manor meat El Harby . 34734
Damietta Center
New Alexandria Alex Aljdidhm . 34735
Alpracip Barashih- Faraskour Center 34736
Mainland sub head 47 El Ras El Bar City Council 34737
Kafr Arab_ Faraskour Kafr el -Arab / Faraskour 34738
Alaarbaan Faraskour Forty / Faraskour Center 34739
Sheikh Dargham Sheikh lion / Dmaat.triv manor tower 34741
Albesarth Albesarth village / Damietta Center 34742
Adlip Adlip / Damietta village 34743
Manshaat Al Abd 34628


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