Port Said Postal Code (Zip Code)


Port Said Postal Code (Zip Code) is a five (5) digits numbers which is recognized and approved by Egypt Post. “Egypt Post” (Egyptian Arabic: البريد المصرى El-Barid el-Maṣri) is the governmental agency responsible for postal service in Egypt. Established in 1865, it is one of the oldest governmental institutions in the country today.

Port Said is one of the twenty-seven (27) Governorates (province) in Egypt. See more details about this province below.

Province Port Said
Postal Code 42511 – 42527
Office Numbers 38
Area Code +20
Country Egypt
Region Africa

See below for complete zip code lists for Port Said Governorate post offices in Egypt (EG).

Port Said Governorate Zip Code (الرمز البريدي)

Office Address Postal code
Port Said U Army / Port Said and Mohamed Mahmoud 42511
Port Said second Ebadi and Union / Port Said St. 42512
Port Said third Flower District building social integration / Port Said 42513
Port Fouad 8 شارع 23 يوليو / بور فؤاد 42523
Mohammed wholesale market Chambers of Commerce building on / Mohamed St. 42517
Secretary and Russians U / secretary and Ross and Ansar 42515
Abu al Hasan Municipal u Martyrs Channel / Department Arabs / Abu Hassan 42514
Port Said Governorate State / Port Said building 42521
Alkaboty Polk 7 Balkaboty 42518
Cape The office building / Cape village / second South 42611
Kuwait District Building 32 / District Kuwait 42519
45205 Eighth region 42516
Suez Canal University Port Fouad Body / Port Fouad / housing Suez Canal University 42524
Salam District Cultural development building / peace District / Department suburbs 42525
Advocacy Administrative Unit / Department advocacy 42612
Transit Building (55) transit / Port Fouad / transit district 42526
Nice Airport Port Port Fouad Civil Airport / flowers / beautiful airport 42613
Industries Building (1) replace the new peace District 1 42528
Twenty three in December عمارة 8 / حى 23 ديسمبر 42529
Flower District Turquoise Architecture / flowers District 42614
Port Station Inside the train station – Port 42531
Beautiful tourist Beautiful village / Department advocacy 42615
Atef El Sadat Lux / u put sea / Atef El Sadat 42535
Canal Authority building Inside the Suez Canal Authority building 42533
Almlahat Port Fouad Housing the new families / Building 55 / Salinas 42534
Port Said Customs Within the Customs / Port Building 42532
Second flowers عمارة ( 6 أ ) / م على بن أبى طالب 42536
Port traffic Port traffic management / flowers 42522
Or behind Behind the village of Umm / second South Division 42616
Radwan Village Radwan 42617
Sea cow Village cow Sea / second South 42618
Artisans Complex Services building workshops 34 / section suburbs / craftsmen complex area 42537
Rising Jerabah / Port Said / Sunrise Village 42619
Free Zone Free Zone 42538
Seyahi Said the Middle District replaced under 74 tourist Institute 42539
The martyr Brigadier / Mr. Fawzi Muselhi 42542
Omar bin al-khattab 42541
Port Said Provision Area El Gomhoureya St. / Port Said 42527


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